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WhatsApp is one of most popular messaging application. Daily one billion messages are sent using WhatsApp which is 1/7th if world population i.e. one person of world's population sends a message using WhatsApp everyday. It charges 0.99$ per year after free service if 1 year. You can send text messages, voice message and video to anyone on WhatsApp from your phone contact. There may be chances that you want to appear offline in WhatsApp and you don't want to be seen on your WhatsApp then you can hide online status. WhatsApp has no online, busy or offline presence settings so here I have got simple trick by which you can appear offline on WhatsApp easily.

Instructions to appear offline in WhatsApp:
  • Go to your phone's Menu.
  • Find and open WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Go to Settings then tap on Account.
  • Go to Privacy in settings.
  • Tap on Last seen and choose Nobody.
Note: If you select My contacts only people who are in your phone contacts can see you online.

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That's all you have to do, now none can see when you were online last time or if you are currently online. If you want to appear online again or want to let other people see when you were online last time just follow the same instructions and select everyone at last step instead of nobody.

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Updated: 21 December 2016


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  1. i didn't found advanced in chat setting

    1. WhatsApp has removed advanced tab check post again it has been updated.

  2. this doesn't help with the Online, it just helps with the Last Seen

    1. it's same thing others can't see you online.

  3. that is nice to know

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