Busy 21 Release 8.5 & Busy Agent 2.3 Setup File | Last Version Busy Accounting Software Audit Trail Enabled Without BLS (Busy License Subscription)

Busy is an easy-to-use, powerful Billing & Accounting Software for Invoicing, Complete Financial Accounting & Reporting, GST / VAT Compliance, Inventory Management and Advanced Automation. It is available on Desktop, Cloud and Mobile App.

BUSY simplifies GST compliance for your business. Our GST Accounting Software offers features like GST Invoicing, Easy Filing of Returns, Auto-generation of E-way Bills and E-invoices, GSTIN Verification, GST Reconciliation and much more.

BUSY is a robust billing and accounting software designed to streamline your financial accounting and facilitate detailed analysis of income and expenses. Its key features include complete books of accounting, sales and purchase analysis, bank reconciliation, and extensive reporting capabilities.

BUSY’s advanced inventory management capabilities provide full control & visibility of your inventory while doing tasks such as ordering, invoicing, creating quotations and challans. Some key features include managing inventory across multiple locations & godowns and based upon size, color, batch, manufacturing date, expiry date & mutliple other parameters.

Access your sales, purchase, cash/bank, stock, receivables & payables data anytime and anywhere with the BUSY Mobile App, even when your Busy Desktop is switched off. You can also access 100+ reports and create quotations, orders, invoices & receipts and sync them in your Busy Desktop.

Busy works like a mini-ERP for your business. In addition to Accounting, GST & Inventory, it helps you seamlessly manage your other business operations like multi-branch management, production & job work, discount scheme management, payroll, and customer service. BUSY eliminates the need for multiple, disconnected tools.

Busy 21 Release 8.5 is last version of Busy accounting software that allows audit trail feature without active Busy License Subscription (BLS), if you want to use audit trail in busy accounting software without active BLS, you have to download Busy 21 Release 8.5 or lower version of Busy.

If you upgrade higher version of Busy accounting software after Busy 21 Release 8.5 you will need active BLS for audit trail feature which you can get after paying yearly subscription fee.

For regular backup to your hard drive and Google drive backup you will need Busy Agent 2.3 that is compatible with Busy 21 Release 2.3.

You can download Busy 21 and Busy Agent 2.3 from link below.

Download Link: Busy 21 Release 8.5 Password: q11q!

Download Link: Busy Agent 2.3 Password: @1qq1!

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