Welcome to my blog!!

This is Tufail Ahamad Khan from Bhairahawa, Nepal behind this blog. I was born in 1991 A.D. I know four languages English, Nepali, Hindi and Awadi. Awadhi? It's a language spoken in Terai Region of Nepal and Uttar Pradesh and Bihar State of India. I have been writing the articles here and trying to help people coming to this blog. I have been blogging since 2011 when I was in my higher school studies.

I got the idea of writing blogs from a friend who had been already from years before me. Only hint I got from was blogger and I can create my blog easily. After that it took me few around few months to understand the idea of blogger and blogging. Till 2014 I understood blogger and WordPress too. I created few websites on WordPress for some business purpose and have been blogging on Blogger as it is.

I am friendly and like helping being social with people. I created few blogs before and it took me long time to get a fixed idea about blogging. I tried lots of ways of writing but I was not much satisfied. It took  a long time to get a idea that can be continued as a blogger. Now I have been writing this blog for years and getting in touch with people around the world.

Writing blog, I got my writing improved in many ways. I learned some latest web related coding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for blogging and designing the webpages. I read lots of eBooks, websites and blogs to fulfill my blogging craze, this helped me to enhances my knowledge and keep me going learning. After learning I share most of ideas with the world through this blog.

All the posts shared here are from different sources and might have been checked before posting. If you have any issue or queries regarding this blog, feel free to contact me anytime. I will try best to get in touch with you.

Email: onlinenpl@gmail.com