How to Select Between Angular or React for Web Application Development

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Now, that you have received a new project, it's time to pick out the right technology for the project's success. As you know, JavaScript framework is used to develop single page application (SPA) from the time web application development was started. However, there are new JavaScript based framework technologies that are introduced in the market such as Vue, Angular and React.

Among these technologies, react and angular are most commonly used to create single page application. In this article, I will be discussing about React and Angular to make easier for you to select any one for your project. As a developer, it is difficult to make a choice to select one of these technologies for accomplishing front-end projects. There are different factors that you can consider to choose the best between angular and react for your new project.

Before comparison, you should know whatis angular and react. These are the popular JavaScript frameworks. Amazing single page applications can be developed using Angular or React. Angular is based on MVC (Model View Controller) framework that is used to develop user interfaces for a web application. React is also used to develop user interfaces that handle view layer for web and mobile apps. You can consider following points to select between angular or react-


If you are considering performance, then you can choose React than angular. The first version of angular (angularjs.1x) is not good in performance. It makes changes in the DOM directly on web browser slowing down the CPU operations. Whereas React put fewer loads on the device in which its applications are accessed.


Scalability is the basic functional requirement for the development of single page applications. Angular has a powerful command line interface which makes it scalable. Whereas react is more scalable than angular as it provides efficient testing and deployment of code.

Development of Small or Large Applications

If you want to develop an SPA with basic features then Angular will be the right choice for you. Since angular is based on the MVC framework, you can add different objects in the web application design. On the contrary, React provides you the flexibility to make suitable changes as required but with minimal functionalities. AngularJSDevelopment Company takes benefit of this limitation of React to built better single page applications using Angular.

Speed of Development Process

React and Angular both are faster in the development process but with different criteria. Angular has faster development for the components used to design web application whereas react is faster in displaying components on the web. You have to select a choice according to the design of a single page application.

It's not easy to declare between angular or react as both have diverse approaches. These are suitable for the small/medium business and for a startup for building web or mobile app. You can select react if you want to modify the developed application later. If you want to develop web application urgently then you can select angular.

What is Salesforce? Know about It’s Partners, Plan-Pricing and More

Let alone the general population, even several developers have no idea what Salesforce actually is, how it’s helping firms around the world, and whether should they learn it or not. Let me clear the fog by telling you that it is actually a CRM (customer relationship management) application.

Salesforce Partners

Over the years, Salesforce has grown up as one of the most preferred CRM in the world. With the number of employees, the list of Salesforce partners has also increased. If we are to list the top partners of this top-notch CRM, it’s would go like:

1. Global Strategic Partners

  • Appirio
  • Capgemini
  • Deloitte Digital
  • Acumen Solutions
  • Accenture
  • Bluewolf
  • Cognizant
  • NTT Group

2. Platinum Partners

  • AllCloud
  • System Partners
  • make positive
  • Infosys Single Source CRM
  • Customer App Development
  • Fluido
  • Silverline
  • Global Consulting

Salesforce Pricing

Salesforce has beautifully divided its plans into specific categories according to the requirements of customers. Salesforce pricing is basically structured into four categories - Lightning Essentials, Lightning Professional, Lightning Enterprise, Lightning Unlimited.

1. Lightning Essentials

It costs $25 per user up to 5 users and allows them to access basic CRM functionalities.

2. Lightning Professional

This plan allows you to add as many numbers of users as you want to. Plus, subscribers have the access to the complete CRM. This plan will cost you a solid $75.

3. Lightning Enterprise

Salesforce has marked this plan as their ‘Most Popular’. It costs $150 and offers the power of customization to users in the CRM.

4. Lightning Unlimited

With unlimited access to Salesforce CRM, this plan is suitable for you if the size of your firm is enormous. Salesforce also offers unlimited support for the subscribers.
All the applications of Salesforce run online on the cloud space. That means development companies don’t require any other kind of software or hardware resource in order to create apps. It offers great back up features to keep your data from getting lost.
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2 Major Meditation Types To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Meditation is the key to a stress-free life as well as the peace and happiness we keep searching for.

Many of you must have tried it at one point and given up just because you couldn't focus on your breathing.

But how long did you wait till you give up? Was it 10 minutes or was it an hour?

Like any other new thing to learn about, learning to meditate will take time. So, don’t just give up.

There might be different types of meditation but the core principle of meditation remains the same. As you learn more about these major meditation types you’ll realize that they are all just a variation of each other but at the same time, these approaches have been known for their uniqueness as well as effectiveness.

These are not really types of meditation but different approaches towards meditation that asks you to focus on different things.

1. Mindfulness:

  • About:
If you google mindfulness you’ll find this definition for the noun: It is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

Another definition states that it is a practice of focusing one’s awareness on the present moment at the same time accepting and acknowledging our thoughts, feelings as well as bodily sensations.

  • Method:
  1. Find a peaceful spot for mindfulness meditation. Then sit in a comfortable position. If you are sitting on the ground or mat cross your legs. If you are sitting on a chair then make sure that your feet touch the ground.
  2. Keep your hands parallel to your body. Sit straight and let your spine retain its curvature, meaning that you have to sit straight but not be stiff. 
  3. Let your head rest on your shoulders naturally don’t straighten it to the point that it becomes too stiff. Dip your chin a little it will help you to posture your head just right.
  4. Now concentrate on your breathing, how you breathe in and breathe out and while you do this your mind is going to wander. Don’t let that worry you. It’s going to happen a lot of time so, when you lose focus, come back and concentrate on your breathing again.
  5. And when you feel like you have finally got the hang of it. Move your focus to your bodily sensations, your thoughts and feeling at the moment.
  • Benefits:
Reduces Stress and depression: Stress and depression are usually caused because we concentrate more on the negative aspects of our lives and keep torturing ourselves with it. And also because of the fact that many people dealing with stress and depression let their emotions rule them.  Mindfulness meditation boosts our ability to regulate our emotions and it is the reason why it works in reducing depression and stress.

Boosts your ability to deal with illness: It is not a cure but in its own way mindfulness helps you better deal with your illness.  And we are not just talking about a cough or cold here. We are talking about chronic and terminal illnesses. It makes the effects of that illness less severe as well as boost recovery from some of these chronic illnesses.

2. Guided Meditation:
  • About:
It’s known as guided meditation because you have to be guided by some means such as a video or audio, or a person i.e a trainer. Sometimes the video or audio is composed of both music and audio instructions on how to perform the meditation.

We’ll see how guided imagery works in details. It's basically going to your happy place in your mind.
  • Method:
  1. Like any other meditation you have to choose a peaceful location and you have to find the appropriate time to meditate it should mostly be early morning.
  2. Similar to your warmups before the exercises that make exercising better relaxing the body before meditation makes it easier and more effective.
  3. Now that you have relaxed, imagine your happy place. A place that makes you feel calm, peaceful, happy and all the good things in the world.
  4. It doesn’t just stop there. Suppose your happy place is a movie theater where you alone can enjoy all the luxury that it has to offer. Then once you imagine that setting, you have to remember the smell of popcorn and beverages that are served during the movie intervals. This makes the experience richer. Like you are not just imagining it but you are actually present in that movie theater enjoying your favorite movie.
  5. Adding this as an afterthought because your happy place is bound to make you happy, but don’t forget to smile and enjoy the scenery that your mind created for you, after all, it is your happy place.
  6. Now that you have found your happy place you can return to it any time you want. This will make meditation more like the luxury you want than a chore you don’t. And all you have to do is open your eyes to rejoin the world.
  • Benefits:
Lessens Chronic pain: Studies have shown that many chronic pains are caused by emotional stress. And as meditation is known to reduce stress and depression it also works quite well against chronic pains such as a backache, joint pains etc.  The more we concentrate on the negatives the worse the pain gets.

A treatment for insomnia: We are already aware that it keeps away stress and chronic pains and it allows your mind to stop thinking about the negative as there are none left and brings you peace that will help you overcome your insomnia. Studies have shown that guided meditation has been known to remove many of the insomnia symptoms.

We have seen two major meditation types, each of which has its own purpose in your life. It’s true that no matter what approach to meditation you choose to partake in the benefits remain the same.

Even though guided visualization/imagery might seem like the easier of the two option you might be surprised to find that mindfulness works better for you.

So, before you make a decision based on what you read. Try both of these and then figure out which one works for you and if both do then you get to reap the benefits of both. 

Top 9 Natural Home Remedies For Cotton Mouth

What is cottonmouth?
Cotton mouth, dry mouth or also known as xerostomia in medical terms. It can be described as the inability of the salivary glands to introduce sufficient amount of saliva to keep your mouth moist. Cotton mouth name comes from the feeling of your mouth is full of cotton wool.

What causes cottonmouth?

It seems one of the most obvious reason for this condition. When your body is lack of water, the amount of saliva produced will sharply decrease. Thus your mouth will become drier and it might increase the development of bad bacterial and create more oral health issues.

This condition is more experienced by elderly since the salivary glands function has been declined over the years. Moreover, several medications are proved to have an impact on the production of saliva thus, it is more common that those who are elder will experience this condition.

Smoking and drinking
Smoking will reduce the function of the salivary glands and it also create bad breath and many other oral health issues.

As mentioned above, there are certain medications that can increase the risk of cotton mouth due to its component. These medications are mostly those over – the – counter medicine to treat high blood pressure. Moreover, disease and infections like HIV/AIDS, hypertension, mumps, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and cystic fibrosis can increase the chance of having cotton mouth.  

When you feel stressed out or over anxious, the amount of saliva produced in your mouth will decline. However, it is showed that the cotton mouth problem might be associated with antidepressants medications. Thus, cotton mouth can be seen as one of the side effects of medication that used to treat antidepressants, antihistamines, muscle relaxants and beta – blockers.

Symptoms of cottonmouth
If you experience these symptoms and signs, you might suffer from cotton mouth:
  • Constant thirst
  • Bad breath
  • Sticky sensation in your mouth
  • Difficulty in chewing, tasting, swallowing or sometimes even speaking
  • Sore and pain in the corner of your lips
  • Dry and cracked lips
  • Sometimes, sore throat and dry hoarseness and nasal passages.
  • Raw feeling and redness in your mouth

Top 7 home remedies to treat cotton mouth

Since dehydration is one of the most common cause of this condition, drinking sufficient water throughout the day will be the most effective way to treat cotton mouth. The Mayo Clinic has advised men to drink at least 3 liters of water and women to drink at least 2.2 liters of water on a daily basis even if they are not particularly doing any physical activities.
Even though dehydration is not always the reason of cotton mouth develops, keep in mind that consuming sufficient amount of water throughout the day is very important. By doing this, you have your teeth and your tongue cleansed and stayed away from bad bacterial as well as bad breath.

Breathe through your nose
Mouth – breathing can dry out your mouth very quickly thus, to stop worsening your dry mouth symptoms, you should try to breathe through your nose especially when you are resting after physical activities. In case, you are unable to do this due to congestion or allergies, it is recommended that you visit your doctor to have these problems solved.

Use a Humidifier
A humidifier can be used to alleviate your dry mouth condition and to cleanse your air in your room. Breathing this air can help to relieve the symptoms caused by cotton mouth problems. You can place a humidifier in your room and turn it on during your night sleep to cleanse the air and add moisture. Also, put another humidifier in your work space too.

Quit Smoking
The disadvantages of smoking have been proven multiple times and dry mouth is one of the results as well. Smoking not only slows down the production of saliva in your mouth but it also creates bad breath, creates brown stains in your teeth and destroys your lungs. In case, you want to quit smoking effectively, you should ask help from doctors, friends, family and relatives. 

Sugar-Free Sucking Candies
Munching on the sugar – free hard candies or mints might help you to stimulate your salivary glands and regulate the production of saliva. However, it is important that you choose sugar – free candies as high amount of sugar in other types of candies will contribute to the growth of tooth decay which might lead to other oral health problems.

Sugar-Free Gum
Well, this is for those who are not fans of mints and candies. You can choose to chew the sugar – free gum. Once again, it is extremely important that you choose those are sugar – free. As explained by the American Dental Association (ADA), chewing can stimulate the saliva production which subsequently reduce that probability of developing cotton mouth.

Fluoride Toothpaste
Because cotton mouth poses a threat to your tongue, your mouth and your teeth, it is important that you brush your teeth with a fine toothpaste well every day. Fluoride which can be found in many toothpastes is a mineral to keep you away from cavities while strengthening your enamels by replacing minerals. Moreover, it also creates a strong and healthy environment that bad bacteria cannot thrive in and reside.

Alcohol-Free Mouthwash
Since most of mouthwashes contain alcohol which is the culprits for the abrasive feeling in your mouth when you use them. Moreover, mouthwash can also reduce the production of saliva in your mouth thus to avoid worsening your dry mouth symptoms, you can choose alcohol – free mouthwash or use natural home remedies to fight germs.

Floss Daily
Not only brushing your teeth well daily, but you also need to floss your teeth well even though you might not suffer from dry mouth. Without flossing every day, dry mouth can pose a threat as periodontal disease to your oral health. You need to carefully clean between your teeth on a daily basis to stimulate your saliva production that usually aids you in this process.

Cotton mouth is a discomfort condition with various causes, however, with the help of dentists, natural home remedies and well care of your oral health, you can learn how to control it effectively. In case you cannot cure it at home or have worsened symptoms, contact your dentist immediately to have a proper diagnosis and treat it as soon as possible.

3 Tips To Enhance Search Rankings For Your Website

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To engage readers on your website you need to work on Google search engine rankings. These are important to generate traffic to know the approximate number of visitor rate for a website.

Search rankings assure you that viewers can access the website on easy clicks.

A responsive website design helps to create good search rankings. You have to publish quality content on your website to engage readers.
Search engine rankings are influenced by the keywords that you use on your website. Users find it easier to navigate through the website.
Content is always a part of SEO but you need to follow some ways so that your target audience can seek more attention to your website. Right?
Well, there are some interesting tips right here for you!

Upload Videos

You can begin boosting your website from uploading videos. Videos with high definition quality display information in an interactive way for the readers.
Make sure that your video is providing informative content to your audience. It should not be too long and should not have a general description. A short video with useful content increases the engagement of the readers.

Internet Sources

You can increase your search credibility by using specific sources from the internet.
For example, adding a graph for some statistics that you have used in your website's content. Share that link on your web page so that readers can navigate through it.
Right internal links will create good search ranking for your website. You have to assure your readers that they will get exactly what they are expecting from the links added in the website.
Add links like you do with your keywords. Marketing Agencies believe that too many internal links will create a mess for your web page. Also, add sources only if you require them for your website as it can affect your website's ranking.
Remember to choose a source which already has a better search ranking on Google search engine. Like those which are providing a great content that readers are looking for.

Meta tags

These define the content that you are using for your website such a title of the page, headings and much more. Meta tags are not visually represented on the web content but are present in the code for a website.
These Meta tags are used by the Google search engine to identify the purpose and keywords that you have used. Developers of a Web Development Company use Meta tags that are used in HTML to design an interactive website.
Three most commonly used among them are listed below-
Title Tag: it is used to define the title of the website that is visible in the browser.
Description Tag: you can write about the services that your website provides and how it is useful for the audience. It is brief of the content because the only specific number of characters is read by the Google search engine.
Keyword Tag: describes all the keywords that you have used for your website.
Following these tips, you can understand few SEO tricks to increase your website's search rankings. These tips will guide to do better SEO for your content. This will also save your costs for hiring an SEO expert. You have to be creative in writing content if you want to engage a wide number of audiences for your website.