Best Live Chat Wordpress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform used by beginner and advanced web developers, bloggers and designers. Everyday new plugins are developed with something new to make better experience. Live chat plugin allows you to interact with your visitors and to engage them on your site. When you interact with visitors you will be able to get some information about how to improve your blog or website. These plugins can help you to get visitors' complaints, feedback and suggestions.

These are list of some live chatting plugins for WordPress which are used by bloggers:

This plugin is quite similar chat bar to Facebook Chat. It allows visitors to interact on your blog or website. It also private chat option for visitors.

This plugin provides simple chat room where whole community of barc chat interact and it also provides different chat room for your own website visitors with rich features like emotes, avatar in its free version. It also has paid version with some more advanced features like video chat and more.

Quick Chat is a self-hosted WordPress chat plugin. It means you will have total control over the chat and all the data are stored on your WordPress database. This plugin provides privates chat, emotes (smilies), user list, private chat, chat rooms, avatar and more.

PHP live plugin allows to chat with your website visitors individually which helps you to provide one to one interaction capability between visitors and admin of website or blog. It is one of live visitor support plugin.

This plugin allows your WordPress blog or website visitor to interact and chat with each other. It provides public and private chat for the visitors. It can help to provide live assistance and engage visitors on your blog or website. It is also popular as Drupal Chat.

WP ChatBlazer is WordPress plugin providing instant chatting and video chat on WordPress based websites. It lists the users on the blog page and allows them to chat with each other.

This WordPress plugin allows video chat on your website by integrating your website with AVChat. It is one of commonly used WordPress plugin for video chat.

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  1. Nice to see Quick Chat in the listing. I’m using that and it has great usability and easy to understand. Thanks for sharing other nice plugins as well..

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