Free Android Applications To Backup, Transfer & Restore SMS & Contacts

Contacts & SMS are most important data that are required if you are changing your mobile phone after photos, audios and videos. Before changing phone it is necessary to backup all your data and transfer it to your new mobile phone device.

There are several apps available to backup your data in google play store. These apps can be used to backup data and restore them at any time. Some of applications offer to backup your data to Dropbox, Google Drive and other online store.
How to transfer SMS and contacts from one phone to other:
To backup and transfer SMS and contacts from one mobile phone to other, you will need to install same application in both mobile phones. Then backup SMS and contacts and other data if required and supported by app in a specific location either your phone memory or online storage. Now transfer backed up data to your new mobile phone and remember location you stored backup data in your new phone. Now go to restore function of your app and restore data from location you have transferred your data.

If you want to format your phone you can backup your SMS (text messages), contacts or other data using these apps and restore it after you have formatted your mobile phone.

List of applications to backup, transfer and restore SMS and contacts.
  1. SMS Backup & Restore
  2. Super Backup & Restore
  3. SMS Backup & Restore (KitKat)
  4. SMS Backup +
  5. App / SMS / Contact - Backup & Restore
  6. SMS Backup
  7. SYNCit - SMS Backup & Restore
  8. Contact SMS Backup & Restore
  9. SMS Backup Plus
  10. Easy SMS Backup
  11. Smart SMS Backup
  12. Cloud SMS Backup
If you know any more good app to Backup, Transfer and Restore SMS, mention in comment section.

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