Apps to Help You On Your Adventure

Travelling back in the day requires you to have a foldable map, a compass and the courage to ask locals repetitive questions about your destination.

Today, all that information is at the tip of your fingertips—thanks to travel apps.

Whether you’re in the country, searching for great hotels or the best restaurants for your trip, you can easily browse through the hundreds of selections in an app.

It can even be handy locally if you are in the city looking for good restaurants. Hotels in your next beach getaway for your out-of-town trips or planning your next dream destination, the apps can also be a great partner.

Curious on what apps to download? Try these apps below:

There are tons of hotels here in the Philippines. You certainly wouldn’t have time to check them out one by one. 
Don’t worry, TravelBook will do that job for you.

Available on Apple Store and Google Play, the app will help you book your stay instantly and it will generate a map to help you find your way to your hotel.

It can also be a budget advisor since it gives you access to affordable travel packages, exciting tours and activities with the latest discounts and deals available.

With TravelBook, you can make sure that your vacation will be memorable.

  • GrabTaxi
Commuting to your destination can be stressful at times, why go through all that?

One of the most in demand app, Grab promises accurate transportation with comfort and easy accessibility.

Best thing about these apps is that they work anywhere in the world that reaches their service.

Save yourself the hassle of hailing a taxi and download this app!

  • Tripit
Tripit is powered by your information through your confirmation emails for event bookings, car rentals, hotel and flight information, and converts them into a personalized itinerary.

All you need to do is forward your emails to Tripit, and let the app work its magic.

This also has a barkada function where you can share your itinerary to your friends so you can be easily coordinated for your next group vacay.

  • Skyscanner
Planning your next out-of-town trip or international jet set?

Skyscanner can give you great deals on domestic and international flights by comparing prices across flights from a hundred different airlines.

You can choose from budget airlines and charter flights and it is easily categorized according to cabin class, airline, price or landing and takeoff times.

Book at the convenient date and time for you, you’re all set and thanks to Skyscanner!

  • Google Maps
The alternative to the traditional physical map, Google Maps has many handy features that enable you to explore destination after destination.
Never get lost again when driving or travelling by foot with its useful features that let you navigate a location easily.

It features traffic updates, 360-degree street-view of places, public transit information and a navigation guide.

  • Traveloka
Another flight and hotel booking app, this lets you compare and purchase flights and book your hotel at the same time.

For those always on the go and need to book last-minute flights and hotels, the Traveloka app is a very useful tool to have.

Traveloka is a flight and hotel booking app that helps you search, compare, and purchase flights and book hotels all in the same app.

They also have frequent in-app promise and discount codes that gives you value for your money from 50% discounts in hotels to great deals on airfare.
If you are travelling on a budget, this app will surely make your vacation memorable.

  • Klook
Travelling will surely open you up to new cultures and experiences.
In order to that, you have to try new activities that are unique to the destination you are travelling to.
Klook is an app that gives its user an inside look at good value deals for their travel services.

This app has an array of data about top destinations in Asia. It also gives you a personal hand on planning your trip as you can book your tickets to various attractions such as Hong Kong Disneyland and Kyoto, among others.

Key Takeaway:
It is really easier to travel nowadays because these travel apps make a huge difference in seeking out your adventure as they are simple tools accessible to anyone.

So, don’t hesitate to travel more. Adventure is out there!

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