Uber Clone: The Star of the On-Demand Market

Uber is the only name the name pops up on everyone’s mind when it comes to hailing a taxi. It has been eight years since the taxi industry revolutionised for the greater good. The company has come a long way and rocked the ride-hailing industry like no other. The ride hailing giant has greatly influenced drivers who saw it as a smart and quick way of earning money. Even passengers can hail taxis with the click of an app. Thus, the era of Uber revolution had begun. This technology has intrigued various entrepreneurs and spawned multiple services in the on-demand market like household services, doctors, etc.

The birth of on-demand services is making way to start new projects for entrepreneurs to rake in profits. However, to become a successful businessman, you might have to work smart and take advantage of the current trends in the market. On-demand services will create opportunities for a wide range of startups that are ripe for expansion. Every day there is a new startup related to the on-demand market that may make its niche or even go without any trace. The success point of any on-demand service app is determined by fulfilling the requirements of customers who are looking for swift and efficient services. The on-demand service market is offering the customers with something new every day and innovation has allowed the market to find a solution for problems. As the consumer's life is to be made, the on-demand market is striving to reach that goal.

  • The Rising Popularity
One of the main reasons behind the popularity of on-demand apps is that they focus on the market for any venture that needs the right push. Ventures such as tutor on demand and babysitter on demand would not have come up if not for on-demand services. These on-demand apps are now able to solve your real-world problems and deliver the said services which were once considered to be a rich man’s privilege. Uber might have started this trend but other companies have also managed to develop apps like Uber to tap into their respective market. If you are an entrepreneur, then using the market to your advantage might seem like a good choice.

  • Clone apps: A Worthy Alternative
The cost of developing an on-demand app like Uber varies from one company to another. Most of the taxi apps are based on the business model of Uber and contain the same features of Uber. However, there still remains a single unanswered question “How much does it cost to create an on-demand app?” Well, it depends on the way you as an entrepreneur are going to create the said app. There are two ways to develop the app; one is you can build the app from scratch or develop through a clone app. Creating an app from scratch takes more time and cost. In fact, the expense of creating an app from scratch can fund an entire venture.

On the other hand, developing a clone app might be the best solution. As the concept of the app remains the same, the entrepreneur just needs to find a team of efficient and experienced developers who can create the perfect on-demand app with the much-required specifications.

Popular On-Demand Clone Apps:

  • Uber Clone App
Uber Clone app is the most popular of them all. The transportation business has been revitalised by the clone apps, and has now become the smartest way to search for a ride, check the driver’s profile, book a trip, and much more. No more waiting to hail a taxi and no hassles of bargaining with taxi drivers.

  • Food Delivery App
The food delivery app is a boon for professionals who order food to be delivered to them on their way to work. Next to taxi apps, food delivery apps get the most number of requests and customers. Through a myriad of food choices and restaurants to choose from, people can order food from anywhere, anytime without any hassles.

  • Home Services App
Home services include various activities like cleaning, repairing, fixing and much more. Previously, a separate handyman was required to look into the different jobs. However, a single app will help you search for every need of the customers.

  • Doctor on Demand App
Some patients dread going to hospitals and would prefer getting medical attention with an on demand doctor app. This app even helps the elderly to get the much needed in-house appointment.

  • Babysitter/ Tutoring on-demand app
Today’s millennials are from a generation of working parents and often find themselves in need of a babysitter or tutor to help their children. Uber for babysitter app will help the customers to place a request and get themselves a babysitter by the hour.

  • Payment flow of On-Demand app
The customer will pay for the services that will be rendered through cash, credit card or an in-app wallet.

Scenario 1: If a user pays in cash, the money is handed over to the service provider when the service comes to an end.

Scenario 2: If a user pays through credit card, the money is automatically deducted through the payment gateway that has been already stored by the user.

Scenario 3: If a user pays through an in-app wallet, the money used to pay for the services can be recharged through any credit/debit card. 

Features of an On-Demand App

  • Live Geo-tracking
Tracks rides or checks the location through live geotracking.

  • Change/Cancel Booking
Customers can change or cancel a booking at any time. 

  • Work History
Customers and service providers can check the work history and see their previous service requests.

  • Rating and Review system
Both service providers and customers can review the service so that they can strive to get better for the next service request.

  • Admin dashboard
A powerful admin dashboard will be in complete control of the app and delegate the service requests.

  • Whitelabel solution
The script that you are customising should allow you to put whatever brand you want.

  • Native mobile apps
Both iOS and Android apps are natively built and launched in their respective platforms.

  • Summing-Up
There is not a shred of doubt that mobile apps are the future of the world and with more people becoming a part of that world, it is only a matter of time that entrepreneurs will make use of this trend and the on-demand market. The mass migration towards app-centric businesses has simplified our daily lives greatly. The on-demand economy allows startups with clone apps to have their best shot in tapping the market and in bringing both the service providers and customers onto a single platform. It is high time that you created an app for your venture.

I am Jessica working as a tech writer at AppDupe. Writing about technology is my passion. I specialize in Uber clone apps and other on-demand services.

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