Best Spy App to Monitor Mobile Phone Activities

A spy app can be considered as the best if it possesses the high-tech features providing complete monitoring solution without seeking for a hefty amount. While there are scores of cell phone spying apps rightly available, it can be challenging to find out the best. Every app claims to be the best. After reviewing the top-notch apps for cell phone monitoring we have found out the most efficient one. There are many reliable brands in spy market; however, the OgyMogy android monitoring app can be recommended due to its feature-richness and affordability. We have reviewed here the app to let you understand what differentiates it from other mobile phone tracking apps.

  • What OgyMogy is about?
OgyMogy is one of the most trusted cell phone monitoring and parental control apps intended for non-tech savvy parents and employers. The app allows remote controlling a smartphone device and supervising activities performed on the device with complete secrecy. The high-tech features of the app enable parents to safeguard their kids from the dangers of the digital world. They can be virtually present around their kids to protect them from vulnerabilities. Similarly, the business persons can remotely supervise their workers to prevent them from unproductive and malicious activities.

  • How to Monitor Mobile Phone with OgyMogy
To track a mobile phone you need to get it installed with the monitoring solution of OgyMogy. The app allows keeping tabs on any android device running Android OS 5+. To get an android mobile phone or tablet installed with third party spy app you need to root it before downloading or installing the app. After successful installation, the app syncs important phone data that includes messages, contacts, call logs, photo and videos. The entire stuff is uploaded by the app to the web portal of OgyMogy. Read on to know about the features of the surveillance app.

  • What Can the Spy App Do?
The cell phone surveillance app lets you sneak into smartphones of your loved ones to ensure their protection. Given are the features of the app that explain how you can take control of smartphones of your kids and workers.

  • Record Phone Calls
You can keep a secret eye on the communication of your concerned ones by remotely tracking their phone calls. Ogymogy acts as secret call recorder and records all incoming and outgoing phone calls of your target. Also, it provides you with contact detail of call maker and receiver.

  • Retrieve Deleted Messages
Using the cell phone surveillance app, you can create an online backup of messages saved in the inbox and outbox of the targeted device. It allows retrieving messages that have been deleted from the device accidentally or intentionally. The app also provides contact information of message senders and receivers.

  • Monitor Social Media Apps
The social media monitoring is crucial for parents and employers. While parents can protect their kids from cyberbullying and other potential dangers of the social media, the employers can prevent their workers from bad-mouthing, defaming the company by spreading inaccurate or confidential information.

  • Trace GPS Location
The whereabouts of the target can be found out by accessing the GPS location of the phone. The app lets you know where your target is at the moment and which places he has visited earlier.

  • Retrieve Deleted Photos & Videos
You can sneak into the phone gallery of your target by remotely watching out photos and videos. The surveillance app creates online backup of all media files stored on the phone and allows retrieving deleted media anytime and from anywhere.

  • Record Phone Screen
The high-tech live screen recording feature of the monitoring software lets you capture almost every single mobile phone activity of the concerned one. You can send command to the phone to start screen recording to show you real-time cell phone activities. Also, you can schedule screen recording or screenshots.

  • Remote Control Apps
Parents can restrict their kids from using engaging social media apps and inappropriate gaming apps. The spy app allows blocking or uninstalling apps without accessing their phones.

  • Supervise Internet Usage
You can oversee internet usage of your kids and workers by accessing the internet browsing history of their smartphone. You can also access bookmarks to find out frequently visited webpages.

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