These Fabrics Are Perfect For Your Lehenga Choli!

The lehenga choli is a stylish garment that is taking over the fashion scene in India. It has become the first choice of clothing for weddings, parties, and even religious events. This garment has a famous story behind it as it was the clothing of choice for royal members of the Mughal empire.

The lehenga choli is still being worn today except it is much more decorated than before and this is exactly what women of today want from an outfit. This outfit consists of three pieces, a lehenga which is a long floor-length skirt, a choli or short blouse similar to saree blouse, and lastly a dupatta that is a long decorated scarf. Together they make any woman feel like royalty and look elegant.

When it comes to the lehenga choli, there are several options to choose from and there are many specifications that will help you to choose the right one for you.

Different styles include Designer lehenga choli, A-Line lehenga, Flared lehenga, Panelled lehenga, Double-layered lehenga, and many others. A mix and match technique can be used to spice up your dressing options if you have a wardrobe full of lehenga cholis.

Fabric Choices For Lehenga Choli
Only the finest materials are used to make these timeless garments, they offer best looks without compromising on the comfort factor.

There are four main options if you want to get the best of both worlds from your lehenga choli. All of these will definitely be the most trending lehenga choli designs on the market.

  • Silk:
Silk is considered the most prized fabric of the country and it is a vital raw material in the textile industry in India which is why our country is one of the largest producers of this valuable substance.

Every woman would love to have a wardrobe full of silk garments and the lehenga choli is one such garment that looks elegant and graceful in this fabric. It is known for its smooth and soft properties, these are properties that are possessed by comfortable and stylish clothing.

The sheen on the surface of the fabric is unlike any other fabric created, this unique appearance is what makes every woman crave the feel of silk on her skin. Silk lehengas look classic on their own if you want attention to the fabric, but if you need more, these fabrics are easily decorated with embroidery, beadwork, or stone embellishing.

All these sparkling decorations make is a perfect outfit for night events as the light will reflect off the fabric and makes it appear to be glossy. Every girl wants her wedding outfit to be made from silk as it will be a memorable moment for her.

  • Cotton:
This is the most widely used natural fiber in the world and is often the cheapest option of clothing. It caters to countries with hot and humid climates as the cotton material has small pores in the fabric that allows for the circulation of air, this keeps the wearer cool and reduces sweating. Garments made from cotton are generally much lighter than all other materials.

This is great if you intend on walking or dancing and do not need a heavy and bulky outfit. An interesting design that suits the texture of the cotton fabric is printing where a machine is used to imprint a design or pattern onto the fabric using an ink color of selected choice.

Apart from printing, all other regular decorations can be applied to turn this simple fabric into a fabulous garment. Neutral and off-white tones are more suited to this fabric because it is closer to the natural color of cotton fibers.

  • Satin:
Satin may be considered as a cheaper option instead of silk. It offers most of the same properties except that the underside is usually not as lustrous and shiny as real silk fabric.

The surface is shiny and silky, just like silk and a smooth and soft texture completes the illusion. Nobody will realize the difference when wearing a satin lehenga choli as it decorated in such a way that it resembles the classic silk lehenga choli.

For women looking for stylish lehenga cholis that offer comfort, this fabric is the best option that will not cause a dent in your bank account.

  • Georgette:
Georgette is a unique fabric that has been used in Indian clothing for several decades to make all forms of traditional clothing. It has a slightly coarse texture but on that is most comfortable. Georgette fabric can be decorated with sequins, beads, embroidery and a combination of all of them is a common sight.

It is not just the lehenga but also the blouse can be decorated to match the rich and heavy appeal of the loaded skirt. Women who are not looking for silk or cotton can look at this third option. All colors of the rainbow can be used to make ideal garments that are suitable for women of all ages and body shapes. It is comfortable, easy to maintain.

You can be sure to see all the latest designs on it as there is a high demand for it on the market and it can be called an all-rounded outfit fit for any and every occasion you have to attend throughout the year.

  • Draping:
Apart from the choli and lehenga, the dupatta also plays a large role in completing the outfit. The dupatta is a long scarf that will be made from a different material to add elegance to the outfit.

Thin, light, and sheer fabrics are the qualities that these fabrics should have if they are to be made into a dupatta. The long material can be decorated or plain if heavily decorated it can be draped across the wearer in the same way a saree is draped in a special way to show off the workmanship on the fabric. Some ideas for draping ideas include saree drape and indo-western drapes.if you want to try this on lehenga choli then buy wholesale lehenga choli which can save your money.

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