You Must Learn Before Getting Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery

There are several cosmetic surgical procedures that can change the way you look and feel about yourself physically. While some are more popular, some are not so much. It really depends on the demand of the consumers.

Over the years, one such procedure that has gained momentum is the Breast Augmentation surgery. There are several cosmetic private clinics performing Breast Augmentation Montreal or in other locations. However, before you jump in to get this procedure done there are certain facts that you must learn.

After all, getting cosmetic surgery done is a big step and you need to have full information regarding it. So, without further delay let’s take a look at some facts that are related to breast augmentation surgery.

1.    Get rid of expectations from your mind

You may have thought that you’ll get that Kim K looks after your breast augmentation surgery. However, let us clear this thing out for you that you cannot expect the things exactly the way you want.

As you may or may not be fit for the exact implants to get that look. At the consultation, the doctor will take your measurements with the help of a tissue-based planning process. Here, the expert will measure varied parts of your body such as your broadness of your chest, skin stretch, and other factors.

Depending on these measurements, you’ll be recommended the breast implant sizes that are perfect for you. The doctor will also tell you the incision location and other implant details. So, it is better to go for the consultation with a clear mind rather than having an expectation of your own.

2.    The results won’t last forever

If you think that you will get to hold on to those well-sculpted implants for a lifetime then you are certainly very wrong. You have to get the procedure redone at one point in the future.

While the possibilities of getting the implants redone have become significantly less. Today, the chances of having implant rupture are lesser than the earlier days, there still might be a possibility that you have to get this process done once again.

It is highly recommended to get an MRI done every year to see the status of your implants.

3.    Leashing your exercise sessions for a bit

Well, the breast augmentation surgery comes along with certain limitations. While most surgical processes do not take a long time to recover, however, you are not allowed to jump into a heavy exercise routine for at least 2 weeks.

You may get into light cardio exercises after two weeks’ time and then move to a heavier routine in the coming weeks. However, make sure to follow the doctor’s recommendation at all times.

4.    Underwire bras are a NO-NO

You cannot wear an underwire bra or push-up padded bras for at least 6 weeks. As the experts say that wearing such undergarments can cause your surgery to heal improperly. Therefore, causing a disruption in your recovery.

So, make sure to prepare yourself to go wireless after getting your breast augmentation done for at least 2 months.


The above-listed are some hardcore facts that you must learn about breast augmentation surgery. Whether you opt for breast augmentation Montreal or in other locations make you analyze these facts before getting the process done.

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