Sar Pass Trek: Complete Trekking Guide

Sar pass trek is an ideal trek for beginners who want to explore the terrain, meadows, quiet villages, and meadows. Trekking in sar pass is a lifetime experience of the beauty of Himalayan ranges.

Trek in the beauty of Kasol starts walking towards the Grahan village which is located in verdant forest. This Grahan village is 200 years old. This village is beautiful and a hidden gem in the Parvati valley. Sar pass trek is perched at the altitude of 13800 ft/ 4250m sar pass trek is a favourite trek among photography lovers and artists. Sar pass trek offers a scenic view from the forest to the meadows. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide that will help you to plan your weekend trip to Sar pass trek.


Sar pass trek starts from the Grahan village. The best time to visit the Sar pass trek is between May to October. However, these summer months have the chance of bad weather conditions above 4000ft.

To get the experience of the trek enriched with the lush green forest is a virtual treat. Where you can enjoy the vagrant energy of nature in this treasure.


Sar pass trek is accessible via road and train also. There are bus services also available from Delhi to Bhuntar. Some buses take you to Manikaran direct from Delhi. Sar pass is situated 5km ahead of Kaslo. After reaching Kasol there are bus and taxi services available easily.

The nearest railway station is Kiratpur. Kiratpur is 215 km away from the Kasol base camp.

Let's talk in detail about the Sar pass trekking -

Day-1 Kasol to Grahan

We consider your journey starts from Delhi, It will take an overnight journey to take you Kasol early in the morning.

After arriving at Kasol, you need to take a rest for a while. The trekking trail starts from Kasol to Grahan village following the Grahan Nalah. The total distance from Kasol to Grahan village is around km and it takes 4-5 hours. This 4-5 hours trek is very simple, just like a walk. After walking for a few km you will witness the lovely grass and shrubs and then trees. There are local vendors and tea stalls, omelette stalls, maggie stalls will be there. they will provide you with the freshly made maggie. This place looks like heaven when the flowers are in their bloom.

After having food you will walk ascent for an hour that will lead you to the Grahan village.

Day-2 Grahan village to Thach

After the overnight complete rest you will head to Mung Thach which is 7 km away from Grahan village. After having breakfast you will start climbing towards Mung. After walking for a while to the beautiful view of Nagru, Sar will witness the top of the mountain to the right. This steep path covered with trees will lead you to the forest area then to your destination Mung Thach for the day. Chandrakhani stretch and other prominent Humanalayan ranges are clearly visible from there. You have to stay overnight at the Forest campsite.

Day-3 Mung Thach to Nagaru

In the morning you will see the amazing fresh cold breeze air and will have breakfast. You will start the trek around 8 km from Mung to Nagaru. It takes 4-5 hours to take you to the Nagaru. Although Nagaru is not far from Thachbut this trail is not straight up the ridgeline. This steep ride will lead you towards the cliff which is perched Nagaru. You need to walk carefully as this path becomes risky because there is an open way up to a green meadow and scrubs. After the walk for a couple of hours, you will finally reach flat land on the top of the hill. This flat land is the campsite of Nagaru.

This picturesque view of the mountain along with the town of the mountain across the Parvati valley offers a magnificent view. After reaching the Nagaru you will now directly lead to Sar pass.

Day-4 Nagaru to Biskeri

After the overnight basecamp stays you will move ahead to Sar pass. After a few hours of early trekking, you will arrive at the top of the hill. This is the most awaited destination for any trekker. This stop is called Sar pass. Sar pass means Pond. Sar pass actually looks like a pond. This pond remains frozen till the late summer. At this peak, you can take some amazing pictures to freeze your moment for a lifetime. This peak offers a stunning view of Tosh Valley. After enjoying the moment you will slide down the Biskeri. After walking for an hour, you will reach the Biskeri Campsite.

Day-5 Biskeri to Kasol

After enjoying the pine forest view and majestic mountain with lush greenery in Biskeri you will hike down to the steep plot of land. After crossing the forest, you will lead towards the path of Pulga and Tulga village.

From the Tulga village, you will cross the River Parvati bridge, and then you will reach Barshaini. After reaching Barsaini you will ride towards the Kasol camp where your Sar pass trek ends.

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