Recover Windows Administrator Password

Guys, today I am here with a great trick by which you can get access to your computer even if you have forgotten password of your administrator user account. It will be very helpful is you forget your password and definitely you need to access to your computer as all the files are there and you will never want to format your computer with that files. It’s very awful forgetting password of administrator account of our computer.

I have got two methods to do this operation.

Method I: Using own computer
  • Boot your Computer with DOS.
  • Go to windows\system32\config.
  • Delete files sam.exe and sam.log [These are files where you password are saved].
  • Now you can login to your computer without any password.
Method II: Using other’s computer
  • Take your hard drive out of your system
  • Put it in other PC
  • Start your computer and boot your hard disk as secondary hard disk
  • Open the folder windows\system32\config in your hard disk
  • Delete sam.exe and sam.log [These are files where you password are saved]
  • Now again attach you hard disk with your CPU.
  • Now you can login without any password.
Hope this helps you for accessing your administrator account of your computer again without losing any data. If you have formatted hard disk and want to recover lost files read: Recover Lost Partition, Files and Data From Hard Disk or USB Storage.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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