Remove Unwanted Apps & Websites on Facebook

Applications come with a risk – not all application developers have your best interests at heart. Developers have access to a lot of your Facebook information like your friend list, can post on your wall without informing you and can access many other information and of your friends. They may use this information for marketing, or they could use it for something else entirely. It may also be a reason of Facebook accounts being hacked so it is necessary to control unwanted applications. So it is recommended to use only those applications which are in high rank and comes with no risk, rated by more people, if applications you are using is not so popular it is recommended to remove those from your account.

Follow the instructions below to check applications you are using and to remove those applications you are not using or you have accidentally allowed to access you’re your profile and information:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Apps tab, you will see list of websites and apps that are accessing your Facebook information.
  • Click on cross (x) sign next to every website or app name.
  • A confirmation box will appear.
  • Tick on Delete all your app name activities including posts, photos and videos on Facebook.
  • Click on remove.
This will remove the app and all the post, photos and videos posted by that app on your profile. If you want to remove only app and keep the the posts, photos and videos don't tick on delete all your app name activities including posts, photos and videos on Facebook and just click on remove.

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