Stop Using Free dot Tk Domain - Scam

Many users are there who don’t want to spend money at the initial stage of starting blog. So first they may start blog with Blogger or WordPress hosted and their sub-domain or they will start to search for free Top Level Domain (TLD) which will mostly lead them to use .tk domain as this is most popular used free top level domain on internet.

There are some reasons due to which I will suggest not to use domain if you are thinking to grow your blog in future but if you don’t have any certain aim and want to learn blogging then you may register and use but if not it is better to start with BlogSpot sub-domain then .tk.

SEO Optimization
First reason that can be considered not to start with domain is that it is a top-level domain for country Tokelau. If you start with this domain you will be getting most of traffic from this country and you will be facing difficulty to have much traffic from other country like USA, UK etc…
If you use BlogSpot sub-domain instead you will be getting better traffic all over world and it is SEO friendly as it is one of Google website.

Blacklisted by Google
Yes, domain has been blacklisted by Google search engine as it is mostly used by spammers which makes difficult to appear in Google search engine and if you get listed somehow still you will be facing difficulty to appear in top search results.  Unless you are listed in Google search engine it is very difficult to carry traffic to your blog/website.

This is the most awful reason due to which you are recommended to not to use domain for your website or blog. Many of the users report that they worked hard to appear in Google search engine and their domain was deleted for no reason without any notice due to which they have lost everything. They have mentioned in their TOS that they can take your domain at any time without any notice. Many .tk domain user report that they worked hard to get listed on Google search and suddenly their domain was sold to someone else or was taken from them for no reason.

I recommend anyone who has some goal and want to start a blog or website they can start with WordPress or BlogSpot sub-domain instead of domain. As these sub-domain are SEO friendly which help to get traffic from all over the world. BlogSpot can be better option for starters as it is very much user friendly.

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Updated: 22 December 2016


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