Create Single or Multiple Ledger in Tally ERP9

After creating ledger's groups in Tally ERP9, you will have to create ledgers of party. If you want to know to create ledger's group read: Creating Ledger Groups In Tally ERP9 With Examples. Now you have to use groups to classify ledgers so that these group classification can be used to view ledgers easily.

Steps to create ledger in Tally ERP 9:
  • Open Tally ERP9.
  • Go to Select company and find your company in list.
  • After loading company go to "account info (A)" > Ledgers (L).
  • Go to Create (C) in single ledger section [ This will allow you to create single ledgers at a time] or Create (R) in multiple ledger section.
For single ledger creation:
  • You will screen to create single ledger.
Name: Enter the name of party or company.
Alias: Type alternative name of party, may be owner's name.
Under: You have to select under based on ledger. If this party purchase goods from you select sundry debtor. Here I selected Delhi which was created as ledger's group as sundry debtor in previous post. This group will work same as sundry debtor. If you want to create capital account ledger put it under capital account, expenses under direct expenses or indirect expenses, creditors under sundry creditor and so on.
Default credit period: Enter number of days you want to allow credit for party.
Address: Enter full address of party.
State: Select state that party belongs to if applicable.
PIN Code: Enter party's area PIN code.
PAN/IT No.: Enter party's PAN (Permanent Account Number) or VAT number.
Opening Balance: Enter current debit or credit amount of party. If you have to receive from party type Dr else Cr after amount.
  • After filling all the details press enter and you will be asked accept?
  • Press enter to accept after checking if all the information are correct and ledger will be created.
For multiple ledger creation:
  • You will see screen to create multiple ledger.
Under Group: Select group in which you want to keep ledgers, Sundry debtors for debtors, sundry creditors for creditors, indirect expenses for expenses, bank accounts for bank account and so on.
Name of Ledger: Enter party's name which you want to keep under selected group.
Opening Balance: Enter current debit or credit amount of party. If you have to receive from party type Dr else Cr after amount.
  • You will be asked for confirmation, accept?
  • Make sure all the information are correct and press enter key to accept.
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