Creating Stock Units In Tally ERP9

After creating ledgers, we have to create list of stock we want to deal with and before that we have to get units for all goods we want to deal. Before creating stock list in Tally ERP9 we must create units of measure for different goods. Generally used units are pieces, dozens, kilograms, meter etc. While creating stock list we have to assign units for every good we create.

Procedure to create units in Tally ERP9:
  • Open Tally ERP9.
  • Go to select company and find the company you want to create units in.
  • Go to inventory info > Units of measure.
  • Go to create and you will see a for to create units.

Type: Select simple. Compound is for creating balance between two units. Like 1 dozen is equal to 12 pieces.
Symbol: Type short name for for unit you are creating. Example: PCS for Pieces, DZN for dozen, M for meter, PR for pair, KG for kilogram etc.
Formal Name: Type full name of unit. It will not be displayed while creating or entering stock list.
Number of decimal places: Enter number of decimal places you want to use for group of stock having unit you are entering. Example: You may sell one and half dozens of goods then you will need to enter 1.50 dozens in this case you have to enter 2 in number of decimal places.
  •  After filling up form correctly press enter button.
  • You will see conformation message press enter to confirm.
That's all. You have created unit for your good. In same way create other units that will be required for good. It depends on type of goods that you deal with.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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