Effects Of Travelling On A Flight On Your Body - Health Aspects

Humans are not capable to fly. But all around the year across globe thousands of passengers fly from above earth via air flights. This a wonder how our human body adapt to fly.

The pilots and air hostess are used to flying but how the body of passengers react after flying. Already booked cheap last minute flights and afraid to take? Know how the body is affected by various issues include heart strokes, attacks, hyperventilation.

Dehydration is the main issue while flying. There are several other issues which a body suffer when you are in the air. Here we will discuss about the crazy things occur in the body while flying.

  • You get deprived of oxygen.
Most of the passengers feel light headed, some feel trouble in breathing, or get tired while flying. It just occur because of difference in the air pressure. As the level of the oxygen in the plan can be lower, which leads in breathing problem to few passenger. The cabins of the flight are pressurized to pretend 6,000 to 8,000 foot height from the ground. At that altitude your blood will absorbs less oxygen that is the reason behind the oxygen deprivation.

In the long duration flights you feel more issues, so walk round after every two hours which will help in maintaining the oxygen level.

  • You get dehydrated.
You had noticed that the flights attendants provide you water to drink after a short interval. But you didn’t know the reason behind this? The reason is that the humidity level in the flight is identical to the desert, that is drier. This will result in dehydration. And you will feel tired, dizzy, headache, your lips will get dry. So drink lot of water time to time for maintaining the balanced water level in your body especially during flying. And try to avoid beverages include tea, coffee or caffeinated soda.

  • Your taste buds go numb.
You ever noticed that when you are in flight your taste bud got flavourless. This will happen because dry air not only affects hydration level but also evaporate nasal mucus. Even it also affects your sense of smell. For taste, your sense of smell is essential to be work normal. Without it, you should have to compromised with your taste buds.

  • Your ears and belly hurt.
While taking off or landing, normally the ears hurts. Beacuse the air pressure will expands in ear canals which cause the increased pressure which build in the eat and will cause pain. You can get relief by chewing gum, yawning, swallowingor holding your nose and blowing softly. Apart, your stomach will also occur little sick. Professionals advised that choose seats which are located over the wings, it is the steadiestsection of the air flight.

  • Your skin gets damaged.
Every one knows that while sitting inside the plane you will never get sunburn. But on the high altitude the sun rays come via unprotected glass and will spoil your skin as well. A fact clear that pilots may suffer from skin cancer that is melanoma. There may be double chances of development in the pilots. A study explained that spending around 1 hour in the air is equal to 20 minutes in a tanning bed. So apply sunscreen on your body before flying with any of the flight. 

  • Air pressure wreaks havoc.
As the height increase of flying, the pressure in the cabin go down. This will cause the gas in your stomach and expands your intestine which will make some stomach cramps and you will feel yuck. Avoid to hold your gas in, otherwise it will create complications. So better to avoid eating broccoli, beans, dairy products before flight.

  • You can catch a cold.
A study found that the risk of catching cold in the flight is 100 times more as compare to when you’re grounded. It just happen because people catch viruses easily in a small confined areas. Experts suggest that wash your hands in flights, avoid touching windows or anything, and use antibacterial sanitizes whenever required.

After you have booked cheap flights to fly these are some issues which will happen to the body and you should know before flying.

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