Bulimia Disorder - Treatment In Two Steps

Bulimia is a disorder of eating, consisting of eating a large amount of food and then feeling guilty and exercising some of the procedures to get rid of this food by vomiting or using laxatives or exercise too much.

According To I WAS FAT, These procedures, specifically vomiting, lead to many problems in the teeth, it means acid reflux stomach which causes tooth erosion and other problems.

  • Dental cavities
People with severe anorexia tend to eat and then feel guilty about vomiting to get rid of this food for fear of being overweight. This persistent vomiting erodes much of the enamel layer in the teeth, causing a hole or cavity. Eating too many sugary foods and soda drinks leads to tooth decay.

When the person gets tooth decay, it will be noticed that the gums bleed when he is brushing, and if the dental cavities are not treated, it will increase to the point where the patient loses his teeth.

  • Yellow and brittle teeth
As the teeth continue to erode more, the individual will notice a change in color and tooth texture, becoming weaker and more fragile than usual. They can break easily and appear irregular from the bottom, and the teeth will change color to yellow and become glazed.

Bulimia also can change the shape and length of the teeth.

  • Swelling of salivary glands
People with neurodegenerative or bulimia are constantly vomiting. This vomiting contains a lot of stomach acid that damages the salivary glands on each side of the cheek. If these salivary glands are found, the patient will notice swelling around the mouth.

These salivary glands are responsible for the secretion of saliva which helps swallowing. If swelling occurs, it is not reflected until after treatment and stop the nervous glands.

  • Oral ulcers
The acid of the stomach also erodes the tooth enamel layer, it also harms the skin in the surface and sides of the mouth and can destroy the throat, and affects all these areas painful ulcers.

These sores can swell; some people feel as if they have a persistent sore throat.

  • Dry mouth
Nervous glands lead to saliva deficiency, which in turn leads to a constant feeling of dry mouth. This condition is more than just a minor irritation. Dry mouth changes the way we eat food by changing the flavor of food.

Dry mouth can also destroy teeth, saliva basically wash bacteria that cause tooth decay, and therefore it becomes worse when dry mouth and lack of saliva.

  • The pain
When polymia causes enamel corrosion, it leaves the inner part of the teeth exposed, which causes tooth pain, especially when the individual eats cold food such as ice cream or hot soup.

The nervous glands also damage the mouth and gums, making the individual feel pain when chewing or swallowing.

  • The cure
The short-term solution is for the individual to go to the dentist who will treat these cavities, enamel layer problems, gum problems, swelling and dry mouth. However, the long-term solution is not the problem again. Treatment is the treatment of neuropathy or bulimia.

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