Apt use of a Branding Strategy Coupled with Social Media Tactics for Eventual Success for any Startup/SME

In the current digital world, a positive online reputation is everything for businesses nowadays. Companies need to look into the matter quite seriously as it can ruin their online reputation in no time and can lead to making their business suffer irreparable loss. Furthermore, branding in this concern is what you need really in addition to deft digital marketing.

Startups and SMEs need more support concerning digital marketing than medium and large sized companies and huge conglomerates. The reason is simple; big companies can afford to use traditional marketing mediums like print and outdoor advertising which are way too expensive for a newcomer. While every company, regardless of its size and nature of work now needs some assistance in this concern, startups/SMEs need it as this is the only way forward for them.

  • The New Frontier for the Marketers to Conquer
People of all age group use Internet and surf through their favorite websites all day long. The use of social media platforms like FB and Twitter along with apps like Snapchat and Instagram is a norm. In fact, even in offices these websites and apps are responsible for consuming precious hours of employees in which they are supposed to work. For a new firm, trying to make a mark, it is especially necessary to make full use of digital marketing solutions provided by an experienced firm.

  • Launching a New Business
Let me offer you an example so that you can understand this point quite easily. Suppose that you are trying to launch your new online store selling consumer electronics and latest gadgets. There are a number of ways through which you can start the marketing process for your new venture. Don’t try to compete directly with Amazon from day one as this will be impossible and like a suicidal mission.
Good use of social media is crucial for brand enhancement as this is vital for your interaction with the anyone that can become your potential customers. Prospective customer can contact you or ask for any clarification whichever time suits him best. The positive and negative feedback will help you make the necessary changes in the way you are running your campaigns.

  • Making the Right Move
Branding can make a company gain amazing foothold in the market. Customers like to give feedback and talk to the company from which they are buying anything in real time and if it is a brand, they like to interact with much more. Through the use of live chat or Skype call, any company can satisfy customers regarding their query. Companies need to make certain that they are in touch with their potential customers, care about their feedback and make sure leave no stone unturned in offering them the best solution and service possible.

People using social media platforms and apps can make a product or service popular within a short span of time through word of mouth. If your campaign is engaging to the core, then you can surely has a positive and lasting effect on the minds of customers. Once your business is up and running, you need word of mouth recommendations because they are the fastest way to get more customers as a person will surely buy from an online store which is highly recommended by his dear friend or colleague.

There are ways to get a proper branding strategy in place, so that there are lots of things that can work in the favor of a company. An experienced branding agency in Dubai can be of great support to you here as it can also offer a social media strategy too which is right on the money.

  • Final Word
The potential reach of social media platform in making sure that going to be huge in the coming days. Just make sure you devise your campaign in a better way or else look for a digital agency’s help in this concern.

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Author Bio:
Zubair Hassan is a digital marketing professional who works for Branex, an online marketing firm based in Dubai. He knows his job as he works on minute details of a marketing campaign to make it a definite success. He indulges deep down in strategies before making them live so that to let his customers taste a sure-shot success. If you want to get in touch a marketing guy with a cent percent success rate.

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