Travel Tips For Abroad That You Need to Know

Traveling the whole Scandinavia I've been in Finland Sweden Denmark and my last final stop is Norway and it's been an amazing trip I've looked all about it's on my blog channel Janine TV which I've been daily uploading so check it out it'll be linked down below for you guys but today's video since I am travelling abroad I thought what better video to do and then all my ultimate travel life hacks and tips for you guys I have a list of like 20 things 20 tips and life hacks that will really help you guys out when you're traveling abroad or even domestic doesn't matter but these are my best 20 tips for you guys hopefully you find them helpful if you do give me a big thumbs up and unless you scare it into this video this video they have seen better days.

We know that so my first tip is always checking for your flight 24 hours beforehand I know this is typically what you're supposed to do but if you do this you're normally able to get you know some sort of upgrade or you're able to change your seat and if they automatically select a seat for you like say you got a middle seat in the back row and you don't want that always check in 24 hours because that way you can adjust your seat and you can probably get a free upgrade so always always do this my next tip is if you are at the gate and you're about to board.

You don't have a desired seat that you really want or if you want to check your bag and you don't really want to be lugging it around what you can do is at the gate you can ask them if there's any available seats that are left over that are like not in the middle or in the back because normally what they do is they will reserve a couple seats for like people who want to upgrade or the people!

Who are supposed to check in for their flight and you never did and they'll release them about 15 minutes before the fly and then they'll just give them free rein for anybody who wants them so if you want to upgrade or switch your seats you can always ask the flight attendant or whoever's working at the gate if you can switch most of the time you can't if their seats also if you're carrying a carry-on suitcase and you just don't want to carry it with you or you don't be lugging around if you just prefer to check it they will always check it for free at the gate you don't want to pay to check a suitcase this is the place to do it because just go ask them they can check it in for you and they will and they will do it free of charge so that's just a little tip a trick for you guys my next tip is crucial in its Expedia and Ebates and taking advantage of both of those!

Uber for New travelers:
When you're traveling always compare uber versus left because each one has different taxi rates so left may be cheaper or uber may be cheaper so don't just settle for one definitely have both apps because they do have different rates and one may have a price search at one time when the other one may not so always check both of these before before getting the ride if you're traveling abroad always take a picture of your passport or print out a physical copy because you never know what can happen you could lose it someone could steal it you never know so always print out a little extra copy or at least have some sort of like picture of it on your phone because you just never know when you're traveling always like your bank know that you're traveling abroad so I'm signing with Wells Fargo so I'm always able to let them know that I'm traveling abroad and you can pick which credit card you're bringing with you this way if you travel abroad.

You don't let them know then they might think that someone stole your credit card in Phillips or different countries trying to charge you so always let your bank know by calling them or doing it online so I doesn't let my bank know that I'm traveling abroad I love to know which cards I was bringing that way they don't cancel your card when you're abroad because that would be so bad if they did!

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