Manual & Automatic GPRS & MMS Settings for NTC (Nepal Telecom)

Nepal Telecom (NTC) is one of most used mobile services in Nepal. NTC provides GPRS (General Radio Packet Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) for their customers to surf internet on mobile phones. Generally they provide automatic GPRS and MMS settings for mobile phones but still sometime we will be having some troubles with setting in some mobile phones. Here I will be posting how to use their automatic setting services to receive settings for GPRS and manual setting configuration, in case if setting is not working properly you can set it yourself.

GPRS setting for Nepal Telecom (NTC):

Requirements to use GPRS on mobile:
  • GPRS compatible handset
  • Activation of GPRS to mobile number
  • GPRS setting from the mobile company

Manual configuration of NTC (Nepal Telecom) GPRS settings:
APN: ntwap or ntnet
Port: 8000
Proxy or Proxy server:
Homepage: Any webpage link
Username: Leave blank
Password: Leave blank

To use GPRS in your computer you need to set APN as ntnet and leave username and password field blank. 

Note: Try to use ntnet as you APN in your mobile phones, if it works you will get faster internet in mobile. If you are getting problem in connection using default setting then only use APN: ntnet and leave other field as default.

MMS setting for Nepal Telecom (NTC):
To receive automatic MMS setting type MMS and send it to 1404 from any mobile phone.
Note: If you are using Blackberry, Windows Phone, HTC or iPhone you have to configure MMS setting manually.

Manual configuration for Nepal Telecom (NTC) MMS settings:
APN: ntmms
MMS Home Page or Server:

You can also try their automatic GPRS settings service and get the settings for your mobile.

Type the below messages and sent to 1404 according to mobile phones you have. Eg. Type GPRS and send to 1404 for Nokia.

GPRS for Nokia, LG, Karbonn, Motorolla and other Indian mobiles
SEGPRS for Sony Ericson mobiles
SAGPRS for Samsung mobiles
CHGPRS for Chinese mobiles

If you are asked to enter pin, enter 1234 by default. You can download GPRS settings only five times per month. If you have already received setting for five times you will need to configure GPRS settings manually.

Note: If you are using Blackberry, Windows Phone, HTC or iPhone you have to configure settings manually as these hands are not supported by automatic settings configuration.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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