6 Surprising Uses of Salt for Skin, Hair, Teeth and Nails

If you think that salt is fit only for the kitchen, you’re mistaken then. Because, a lot of people across the world, both men and women alike, use it for personal grooming as well. In fact, it’s also perfect for those who rely only on natural remedies for beauty care. What’s more, salt is a magical recipe for boosting the body at cellular levels as the minerals and nutrients present in it are considered good for the skin, nails, hair and teeth in different ways. You can thus include salt in your daily beauty care routine and get a flawless skin easily and confidently.

Let’s look at some of surprising uses of salt for the skin, nails, teeth and hair:

1. Salt as a natural skin toner
Salt is helpful to work as a natural toner for the skin. As a toner, it’s fit for those whose facial skin is oil-sapping in nature. You can rely on the goodness of salt to cleanse skin pore and balance oil production. In this way, you can fight off acne and blemish-causing bacteria and achieve a flawless skin. The method is easy to use where one can mix salt with warm water and then use the dissolved solution for misting on the clean and dry skin. The spray does not have any side effects and you can use it twice a day.

2. Salt as a body scrubber
You can trust salt to work as a natural exfoliate where it can help cast off the layer of dead skin gradually. It minerals are also known to soften the skin by restoring hydration. This is how the skin starts looking fresh and rejuvenating in the effect of softness and gentleness. With dead skin layers gone, your face with get face all its radiance and won’t ever look dull again. When salt is there, you can always find a perfect skin in any season. The method is easy where one can prepare a thick paste of salt and coconut oil for scrubbing the skin gently.

3. Salt as a night brightener
If you are beauty conscious, you know how the nails should look. White patches must go if you want the nails to maintain their aesthetic charm. Salt can be trusted to soften cuticles and make the nails shinier and healthier. You can also use salt in combination with baking soda and lemon to remove those nagging yellowish tinges that prevent the nails from becoming brighter. The method is easy where one can mix all the mentioned ingredients in a bowl and then make the nails soak in the solution for at least 10 minutes or so. You can then scrub the nails with soft brush to get them brightened.

4.  Salt as an anti-dandruff scalp treatment
Salt is for those tired of using shampoos full of cosmetic ingredient and want something natural for fighting dandruff. It can help wash off those white flakes with regular use and treat itching as well. Salt can boost the blood circulation in the scalp and when that happens, the stubborn white flakes get loose before coming off the scalp. It can also prevent fungal growth so that the root of dandruff can be finished completely forever. The method is easy where one can sprinkle salt on the scalp and then message gently for 5 minutes at least. Wash off the head and then see the result.

5. Salt as a balancing mask
Like honey, salt also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help soothe the skin and calm irritation. In fact, beauty care experts also advise the use of salt to calm breakouts on the skin. Because, salt does help balance oil production and is also essential for retaining hydration in the skin layers. The method is very easy where one can combine salt with honey and make a paste which then can be applied evenly to the skin, avoiding eye area, for 10 minutes. Now use a water-soaked cloth to wring out. After that, gently exfoliate in a circular motion using the fingers and rinse the skin with warm water.

6. Salt as a teeth whitener & natural mouth wash
You can trust salt to help remove stains and discoloration on your teeth by weakening any black or brown spot easily. Its abrasive nature and presence of fluoride is great for teeth and gums. The method is easy where one can dip the toothbrush in the mixture of salt and baking powder for brushing. Similarly, salt can work as a natural disinfectant to kills harmful bacteria and prevent bad breath. You can also use it as a natural mouth wash by using the solution of salt, baking powder and water and then rinse the mouth. you can consult the nearest dental clinic for more information on this subject.

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