Steps Taken By Airblue And PIA To Enhance Domestic Services

The title of this blog already delivered its real meaning of existence or what it is going to share with all the Passengers in this specific article. As all knew it Pakistan’s International Airline and the Air blue both are competing with each other because both try to provide ever best travel services in the domestic or international flights. PIA is the National flag carrier flight that gives its services before the separation of the sub-continent. On the other hand, Air blue airline (privately owned) started its first operation in 2004 for Pakistan’s services (head office is in Islamabad) and maintained its status with the pure golden efforts, within one year Pakistan’s low-cost airline get approval for the international airline and it takes its first flight from Karachi to Dubai. Both airlines have the main hub is the Jinnah International Airport (Karachi) while Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore and Islamabad International Airport serve as a secondary hub. The two different airlines got the popularity and fly in the success skies in very few periods and become Pakistan very pride in the global village. They updated their services according to the modern eras and also introduced better services for the customers. Even still now they did the effort to boost the Pakistani Aviation industry not only at the international level but even also involve enhancing domestic travel services too. Let’s screw-down and overlook one by one on a couple of airlines and appreciate them domestically enhance services.

  • National Flag Carrier Services:
At the top, it is going to curtain down on Pakistan’s chief airline. It takes many initiative steps and even pays it's all national airline’s obligation by making an effort to boost up Pakistan’s economy. Yes, this airline’s main theme behind all the improvements to maintain its homeland more developed and facilitates the passengers too. Noted down all the steps.

  • Subsidy On Fruit’s Export:
Local fruits and vegetables have become uncompetitive in the international market due to the high logistic cost. The Senior Vice President of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) said that in the meeting of the “PIA Managing Director”, we had requested freight subsidy for fruits and vegetable export, Airfreight subsidy would certainly multiply exports. This would enhance exports and boost the agriculture economy that directly improves the domestically services too.

  • Add New Fleets:
The airline operates almost 100 flights daily for the domestic or across the seas services, but for the further achievement and betterment it added approximately 12 new planes and 4 jets also will be added.

  • Increase Flights:
The airline is increasing its flights for Saudi Arabia and offer direct flights too for the specific destinations. The numbers of flights for Damman will 9 and the first flight operates to from the Peshawar to Daman while about 42 flights increase for the Jeddah. While also operate 2 weekly direct flights between the Islamabad to Kaula Lumpur and restart the previous Sialkot to Kuwait route for the travelers.

  • Pakistan Flag Carrier Help In Sorrow:
The PIA has a very merci heart and this attribute proved it that this is a Muslim’s land airline. In the previous days, a woman died in the Medina. Her husband requested a different airline, to provide services for the dead body, but all the refused or asked the huge amount. Al the last! He contacts with the PIA office, and then PIA provides free service to the deceased.

  • Care Center:
It also provides childcare center services. In which caretakers look after the children very carefully and provide them feed fully hygienic.

  • Promote Pakistan’s Tourism:
The PIA signs the agreement with the International Hospitality Investment Group for the promotion of the tourism sector of Pakistan. It is a very fantastic ceremony because this type of agreement boosts the domestic services and Pakistan’s areas.

  • 2nd Largest Airline Of Pakistan:
Pakistan’s second-largest airline is also seen in the front of Pakistan’s services and its economy maintenance. It always provides very low-cost fare to the customer. Therefore, it is famous as Pakistan’s low-cost airline with awesome services. Scroll down to know about its services.

  • Holy Services 2019:
The Air Blue airline has a very empathetic and spiritual loving soul. It tries to provide ever holy destination services with updated technologies. For the Umrah 2019, it operates flights from Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, and Multan to Saudi Arabia.

  • Father Of Modern Technologies:
This airline ever first time introduces modern technology to the customers such as; self-check-in kiosk facility, online booking process, booking procedure, and even electronic document handling also offer the first time in Pakistan by the Airblue.

  • Cargo Space:
One of the famous airlines of Pakistan offers 18 flights that have 70,000kgs cargo space daily operated. It’s very beneficial to Pakistan; these few important initiatives improve them domestically.

  • Domestic Cities:
To improve domestic services, it operates daily flight almost 6 destinations of the Pak Land with warmly welcome the passengers and affordable fares. The pointed locations are Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Rahim Yar Khan, Sialkot, and Multan.

All the above services definitely, boost up Pakistan’s domestic services through these airlines.

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