A New Office Beta Android App Development for Android Users

With the new beta app by Microsoft, it is going to launch an all-new app for the Android and iOS users that will be a common entry point for all the Office applications such as Word Excel and PowerPoint. Though this was an inbuilt application available in Windows 10, this will be a new addition for the Android and iOS users. This way it will turn easier for the users to use the Office application using your phone. With the introduction of this beta app, this will surely impact the Industry of android app development India, UK, US and other countries as well and not to mention, in the best way possible.

Though this has been there with Samsung for quite a long time now, now this will be available with all other brands as well as android. With this, no doubt this is going to bring a few changes in mobile app development as well as in other regions. 

So, let us just peek into a few details of this app.

How to Download the app on Android Devices
Microsoft has launched work on the latest Office app that is headed to work on devices powered by Android and iOS, developing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in a central hub. This can be used as the one-stop-shop for core Microsoft Office experience. With this new application then the functionality of each application will remain the same only gathered together into one single interface. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will remain a standalone experience on Google Play Store, but the app will remove the disconnect.

Installation Process of The Office Preview on Android
This new application or Office preview for Android has made a tie-up with Google. So, while you are set to use the app on your Android device you must register with your Google Account to access its pre-release build. Here we are going to brief you on the step how it should be done.

1. Go to MS Office Android Google Group
2. Choose Cancel to shut the subscription window.
3. Choose Sign in to view this group
4. Enter your Gmail address.
5. Enter your Gmail Password
6. Choose Join Group
7. Now you can customize your group choices modifying the settings.
8. Choose Join this group
9. Choose Become a tester. A welcome will be displayed on your screen.
10. Choose to Download it on Google Play from the welcome message and a Play Store listing will be opened.
11. Now Choose Install.

Office On-the-go
MS Office makes its debut on the mobile platform as a favorable foundation adapting its previous bugs of the software suite. This app is now eligible to support most of the existing functionality of MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. At the same time, it is also very much eligible to create as well as edit files with OneDrive integration.

Here we will be presenting the Key Features of this Beta App.

1. This App will enable you to create, edit and work simultaneously on documents with each other easily.
2. With this app, you will be able to store your works on the cloud and/or your device conveniently.
3. You will get easy access to your recently or most used Word, Excel and PowerPoint files stored in your device or cloud.
4. You can also edit a document by snapping a picture of the document and turning it into an editable Word File. And this can be done just with a single click.
5. You will also be able to prepare your PowerPoint presentation just by choosing the needed images on your mobile.
6. You will also be able to create PDF from the images or Excel, Word, and PowerPoint file instantly.
7. You will be able to sign on your PDFs using your fingers.
8. You can also write down your notes with Sticky Notes.
9. You will be able to scan QR codes to access links or files.

You will be able to download the app on your Android device that is running on Android 6 or higher updates. And with this update, you can install the app easily even without a Microsoft account. But in case you want to access or save files on SharePoint or OneDrive, you will be needed to have a Microsoft Account.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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