Optimize Reputation Management with AI – Customized Guide

Online reputation management is crucial for all businesses and so they are focusing more on improving their online reviews and ratings. However, at some point in time, they have to handle negative reviews or complaints from their customers. If done properly, online reputation management can help businesses win against negative publicity and create a positive image of their brand.
Though they are striving to attend the complaints of the customers and resolve them as early as possible, it’s becoming more difficult for them to analyze reviews and purge the issues of their global customers simultaneously. Hence, customers are approaching public forums and communities to discuss products or services before purchasing them. 

Moreover, social media has empowered the users to share their experiences with the businesses which make it mandatory for the online marketers to keep a track of what people are saying about their business on different online platforms. This is the time when businesses need to opt for advanced yet affordable online reputation management services to protect their online reputation on multiple platforms at the same time.

The trending concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have proved to be two great boons for online reputation management services. If you’re a business owner, looking to fix your online reputation, this article highlights how using Artificial Intelligence can help you protect the online reputation of your brand significantly.

  • Efficiently Monitors All Social Media Platforms

With the help of AI, businesses can easily monitor and protect their online reputation on different social media platforms. It helps them to get notified of their mentions by the customers or identify the customers who are posting negative reviews or complaining about your business. Likewise, they can also identify customers posting positive reviews of the customers. This helps businesses to attend the complaints or thank the customers for their reviews. Many businesses also use AI-enabled tools that monitor the mentions on social media and take the desired actions to fix their online reputation.
  • AI-enabled Customer Service Builds Customers’ Loyalty 

When businesses fail to attend the complaints of their customers in real-time, they generally seek for AI-enabled online customer service. If you want to protect your online reputation, you need to use Chatbots or AI-enabled tools to deal with the complaints instantly. These Chatbots and AI-enabled tools help will help you to deliver better customer service which subsequently gains customers’ trust and loyalty.
  • Gathers Customer Testimonials
A customer’s testimonial is a great way to demonstrate the value and quality of your product or service. The use of AI in your online reputation management can help you track and analyze customer reviews on various online platforms. Based on the language and the tone of the reviews, the AI-enabled tools can gather the best customer testimonials or positive comments from all the key channels so you can showcase them on your website. This adds value to your website and helps you gain the trust of potential customers.
  • Combats Misleading Trends or News
Unlike positive comments, negative comments tend to go viral on different online platforms in the blink of an eye. This negative publicity can adversely affect the business and ruin their business’ online reputation. Moreover, with the increased use of social media, it becomes easy for the haters or business rivals to spread misleading news about a business. As an online marketer, the best way you can counter such fake news is by using AI-enabled software or tools to track your mentions on every social networking platform. This will help you know what people are saying about your business and fight against any negative publicity.
  • Offers Personalized Experience to the Customers
Since most of the businesses have global customers, it becomes difficult to understand the demands and preferences of every customer in order to deliver personalized customer experience. For online marketers, AI is a real savior as it helps businesses offer personalized experiences to the customers by tracking their data on social media, order or purchase history, online activities, or feedback. Personalized customer experience ensures positive results and loyalty as customers like to return to your business and also share their experiences on different platforms.

Summing Up

Using AI in online reputation management services is an efficient way to protect the online reputation of businesses. In countries like India, where people reside with different mentalities, it becomes challenging for ORM companies to deliver effective yet affordable online management services in India or say it in 80+ countries. Hence, they combine the power of artificial intelligence with personal reputation repair services to help businesses track and protect their online reputation from any negative publicity or influence.

If you’re struggling to protect the online reputation of your business, you may approach a professional ORM company that offers affordable online reputation services to help you fix your online reputation.

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