Signs That Indicate It's Right Time For Tree Removal

When a tree in your yard starts showing the problem, then it becomes difficult to decide whether you should keep it or remove it. Various factors can help you to make the decision.

Here, in this article, we will consider all those conditions that indicate you should remove the tree from your yard:

1. Undesirable Species
Various features make some plants undesirable such as trees with weak wood, shedding a large amount of debris, deep roots that can damage your yard, infested tree, etc.

If you find any of these characteristics in your yard trees, then you should consider eliminating those plants from your yard. You can hire a good tree service provider who offers affordable services such as cheap tree removal in Sydney.

2. Damaged Tree
If any trees are half damaged, then it is better to remove it because the highly damaged trees pose risk to life and property. Some trees can be recovered, therefore you should call an arborist or tree specialist. He will inspect the trees in your yard and take the right decision based on the condition of trees.

3. Decayed Trunk
If any vertical cracks, large or older wounds are visible on the tree trunk, then it indicated internal decay. If the tree trunk is hugely decayed, then you should remove the tree.

But, if damage to the tree trunk is less than 25% of the circumference, then there are chances for recovering. Therefore, before tree removal, you should consult a tree specialist. he will first inspect the damage and make the right decision.

4. Hollowed Tree
Some trees can live for many years with a hollow trunk. It is so because the xylem and phloem are on the outer side of the trunk and they are the life-supporting tissues for the tree.

The hollowed trunk has compromised strength and it is highly dangerous. If any tree has a one-third hollowed portion from inside, then it should be removed immediately.

5. Tree With Long Dead Branches
The tree that has broken tops or large dead branches pose danger to people and property in its surrounding, therefore it should be removed. Make sure that tree has more than 25% of branches are damage.

Otherwise, it can be recovered by proper care and maintenance. The crossed branches should be pruned and the narrow branch angles should be corrected.

The pruning and trimming should be done when the tree is young. The regular trimming and pruning will help in maintaining good growth of trees.

6. Dead Branches On One Side
If you observe that all dead branches of a tree are on one side, then it can be potentially hazardous. This usually happens when the roots or trunk of the tree is damaged.

When you observe this condition, then you should call an arborist immediately for a tree inspection. If the damage is severe, then he will suggest for tree removal.

7. Sprouts From Epicorn Shoots
The sprouts that are coming from the epicorn shoot signifies tree damage. These sprouts came out due to huge stress on trees and it indicates that there is something wrong with your tree.

This is the usual situation for those trees that have recently embraced new construction in its surrounding. Sometimes, this also results due to injury, or over-exposure to harmful UV rays. You should call a tree specialist and he will inspect these trees precisely and suggest an optimum remedy.

8. Internal Rot Or Sign Of Fungus
Well, not all kinds of mushrooms are hazardous for the tree. But, if you observe fungal signs, then indicate internal rot. The fungal signs show that your tree is slowly decaying.

If you want to protect it, immediately call an arborist. He will suggest the right measure after proper evaluation. Otherwise, tree removal will be the last option.

9. Leaning Tree
The leaning tree can suddenly fall and damage your property. The leaning tree can be more hazardous as compared to the vertically growing trees. The sudden leaning of the tree is a sign of weakening or breaking of tree roots.

The leaning trees with a wide-angle should be removed immediately. The tree which is leaning more than 15% should be immediately removed from your yard.

10. Tree Under Electric Lines
Those trees that are under power lines should not grow more than 25'. The tree whose branches are touching the power lines needs to be trimmed pruned or lopped. During the winter season, the electric shock can destroy the wet tree and ground out that leads to power failure.

Therefore, it is recommended to remove those trees that are grown up more than 25'. But, it should be done by professionals because power lines can lead to a major accident.

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