Create Folder Without Any Name (Blank Folder Name)

It's fun to have something unique which can amaze others. People are nowadays crazy of magic and unique things. You may have already read my post about posting blank status update on Facebook wasn't it unique fun to have different status then others? Now I have got one more trick to create file with folder without name, it can be any file Microsoft word, powerpoint, excel, music files, audios or videos. It’s gonna be fun again with friends by showing them amazing blank folder on your laptop or PC.

All you have to do is to follow the below instructions:
  • Click here first to download a *.txt file, which contains the code.
  • After opening link you will see a blank text file's page. download it and open the file.
  • You will see blank and nothing is written in file.
  • Go to edit and click on select all or you can press Ctrl + A buttonon keyboard to select all.
  • You will see small blank space is selected, that is code which has been slelcted.
  • Again go to edit and click on copy or press Ctrl + C to copy, now you have copied code to create blank file name.
  • Create new folder anywhere youwant to create blank folder name.
  • Paste the code in folder's name.
  • Hit enter and you will have folder with no name.
Note: If you want to give blank folder name to existing folder, rename it and paste the code in folder's name.

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Updated: 21 December 2016

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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