Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy - Fitness Tips

Here I have listed some of important things should be adopted if you want to keep yourself fit and healthy. We all have learned "Health is Wealth" but very few of us follow it. So we should have health as first priority to health. Follow these simple instructions which will help you to keep yourself healthy.

Eat Little Four or Five Times a Day instead of Three Heavy Meal
Eating several times a day help you to consume less calories then eating heavy meal once. It helps you to control hunger and helps to keep blood sugar steady by releasing less insulin.

Try Having Low Calorie Diet
You can go for eating low calorie diets (1500 to 1800 calories a day) or even very low calorie diets (800 or less calories a day). Usually very low calorie foods are not recommended but you can try if needed.

Go Crazy on Water
Most of us don't realize that we are missing to lose weight by not drinking plenty of water every day. Drinking lot of water increases metabolic activities and helps in losing fats from our body. Drinking at least 8-ounce glasses of water is recommended.

Exercise at Least Once a Day
It is recommended to have some exercise once or twice a day, both morning and evening. You can do it by having a long walk or also you can do it by swimming. If you have busy schedule you can go only for once a day.

Increase Eating Fibers
Eating fiber is one of way to lose weight. Fibers are generally obtained in vegetables, fruits, brown rice, legumes.

Never Touch Alcohol
Alcohol has contains high amount of calories and makes your body tired. Alcohol can be a big reason of gaining weight and makes you to feel wired and it has lots of other negative effects of human body so alcohol must be avoided for healthy living.

Eat Boiled and Raw Instead of Cooking
Vegetables like carrot, pea etc. can be eaten raw so consider eating it raw. If you can't do so eat by boiling as we all know cooking needs more oil which will definitely increase weight.

Foods to Help you in Weight Loss
While shopping for foods consider purchasing oaths, eggs, apples, olive oil etc. which are helpful in losing weight. Eat to keep you fit and healthy.

And lastly don't give up, keep trying and hoping and achieving is most thing in life that everyone should believe in any field. So always be positive and conscious about your health.

Updated: 21 December 2016

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