Check IMEI Originality of Mobile Phones - SMS and Online

Mobile phones with invalid IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity are almost banned nowadays by mobile networks in most of countries. Some China mobile even don't have IMEI number. China mobile phones are mostly provide invalid IMEI numbers so it's necessary to check that our mobile phone's IMEI is valid or not when we purchase mobile phones.
Process to check IMEI validity online:
There are many websites which can provide the information of IMEI. You can check either only for validity or full information of your mobile phone using different websites. Type *#06# on your dial pad to get your IMEI number.

IMEI validator and verify:
This website will show the status of IMEI. You can type list of IMEI per line and status of all IMEI will be displayed.
This website can provide detailed information of mobile phones using the IMEI. Visit the website and type IMEI of mobile phone. It will display manufacturer, model, released year, RAM, OS, weight, battery details etc.

Process to Check IMEI and It's Validity (Originality) via SMS.
  • Type *#06# in your mobile phone and press dial button
  • Note your IMEI number (15 digits)
  • Compose New Message and Type 15 digit IMEI numbers
  • Send message to 53232
  • If you receive "Success" as reply then your IMEI number is valid
  • If your receive "Invalid IMEI" as reply your IMEI number is not valid
Note: SMS verification is for India. If you are in other country than India number to send SMS will change.

That's all you are done. Hope it will help you. Keep sharing.

Updated: 20 December 2016

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