Remove Auto Shortcut Creating Virus

Recently I came across with a virus in my campus internet lab and got it on my PC too thought flash drive. This virus creates lots of shortcuts in your hard disk and removable disks as pen-drive icon with same name as original and hides the original files. I scanned my PC with antivirus but it was useless, virus was not removed. I changed antivirus but none worked, after doing some search I have got a program which will remove this virus from your PC completely. It just scans your computer and delete auto shortcut creating virus from the root.

Follow below instruction:
  • Download the program form here.
  • Open it, you will see below screen.
  • Select the location pen drive or computer hard disks.
  • Select the hard disk you want to scan.
  • Click on scan.
  • If virus is detected click on "Select All" and then on "Delete All".
  • Now virus will be deleted from the location you selected.
Perform same operation for all the drives and removable disks that contains shortcut creating virus and remove auto shortcut creating virus from all the drives to prevent further detection. If any single virus remains in your computer, it will again creates shortcuts when it gets active. This program only works for this virus and cannot be used to scan to remove any other virus. So please do not use it as antivirus program.

Hope this helps. Share with your friends.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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