Format Any Nokia Symbian and Java Mobile Phone Easily - Full Procedure

Many time we want to format our mobile phones due to virus or any other bug to reset our phone and remove the bug or virus. Sometime mobile starts to hang and stuck while using after using longer period of time, in such situation we need to reset just to refresh cell phones. It is recommended to take backup of your data you have in phone memory and external memory before you format your phone as all the data will be erased and due to which you may lose some important files. You can restore important data after formatting your mobile phone.

It is quite easy to format your Nokia cell phones, just a small procedure but yet you should be careful and sure about you want to reset all the functions and data of your cell phone.

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged, if formatting is disrupted then your phone will be unusable
  • This procedures are applicable for Java and Symbian Nokia Phones

First Procedure: When your mobile phone starts normally
  • Go to your home screen of your cell phone.
  • Type *#7370# if this won't work type *#7780#.
  • If you get confirmation message select OK or yes.
  • Enter the phone security code (default security code: 12345) and press OK.
  • Your cell phone will restart.

Second Procedure: When your mobile phone won't start
  • Switch off your cell phone.
  • Press *,3 and dial button (Green button) at once  for model like Nokia 5800 XpressMedia  you need to press camera, red and dial button.
  • Switch on your cell phone pressing all buttons.
  • Your phone will be formatted while it starts.
  • It may take few minutes to start mobile phone as data are being erased and settings are restored.
This procedure can be used for formatting phones even if your phone starts normally.

Updated: 21 December 2016


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