Know Who Unfriend/Blocked You on Facebook & Download Facebook Videos

  • Find Out Who Deleted or Unfriend You on Facebook
It has been a great challenge to know who unfriend or blocked you on Facebook? Everyone want to know that but no one have time to look increasing or decreasing friends in your friend list and notice whether someone deleted or unfriend you. If you can notice decreasing number of friends then also it’s difficult to know who unfriended or blocked you. Now you can do it very easily and without any effort.

You just need to login who deleted me website with your Facebook account. This website will store data of your account including friend list and track your account. Whenever there will be any change in your account, you will receive email from the website about the changes made in your Facebook account. It will track your friend list and notify you through email whenever there is any change in your friend list.

  • Download Videos From Facebook
Our friends share videos, photos on Facebook we have option to download photos but we don't have any option for downloading videos on Facebook. You can download videos on Facebook easily from a website easily. You have to paste URL of video and click Download Video. Go to Download Facebook. And download videos from Facebook.

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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