Format Your Windows Phone Internal & External Memory

Hey guys, have you got windows phone? Windows phone are one of popular phones nowadays and are being used by many smartphone users. As it is popular OS for phone you may want to get new version of windows phones and want to sell your old one. It would be great idea to format your cellphone before you sell it to others so that it would be faster. You may also have other reasons due to which you would like to format or reset your windows smartphone.

It is very easy to format your windows phone directly from your menu. 

Follow these procedure:
  • Go to "Menu".
  • Find and tap on "Settings".
  • Tap on "System" then on "Clear Storage".
  • Check mark on "Delete Internal Memory", this will delete all the content in your phone memory.
  • Check mark on "Delete External Memory", this will delete all the content in your memory card, if applicable.
  • Then tap on clear
That's all your phone will be formatted and internal as well as external memory will be erased after that.

Note: You must backup all the contacts and important documents before you format your phone as all the data will be erased and cannot be recovered after that. You can use backup to restore your files and documents.

If you your mobile phone's storage has been formatted and you have lost data read: Recover Lost Partition, Files and Data From Hard Disk or USB Storage.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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