How to Increase Likes & Shares on Facebook Fan-Page

Today almost every Facebook user have a fan page of themselves and everyone want to make it popular and get lots of likes and they have to struggle lot for that. Some of them increase likes using some paid services but everyone don’t want to do that. Here I have got some tips which may help you to increase like on your page easily and need not to spend on paid services.

  1. Be regular: Keep posting regularly several time a day. This will help you to keep people engaged on you page and boost your popularity within shot interval of time.
  2. Quality content: If your fanpage have quality content then obviously people prefer to like it and read the posts.
  3. On subject: There is no doubt that if your fanpage is on a specific topic or subject, it will be getting more likes as people interested to the topic will like it.
  4. Funny posts: Keep posting some funny posts and write something funny time to time which will make the visitors interested on your page and they can share the posts.
  5. Little publicity: Ask your friends and relatives to like your page and also you can ask them to share your posts on their walls and pages.
  6. Share on groups and pages wall: You can share your page link on the wall of the groups and pages you have joined and ask people to like your page but do not spam, it may lead admins notice you and you will be blocked form group or page. Even sometimes Facebook may also block your fan page link due to spamming.
  7. Exchange sharing: You can ask your friends to share your fanpage link on their blog and you can share their on yours.
  8. Place fanpage widget on blog: If you have any blog or website you can place your fanpage badge on it and it will help you to increase your likes.
  9. Share videos and Images: If videos and photos are shared on a page there is more chance of sharing and helps to increase likes.
  10. Share page in forums: You can share your fan page's link to forums related to the topic of your page. This will help topic related people to get your page easily and will increase likes in good numbers.
Updated: 22 December 2016

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