Electronics & Automobiles Solutions In Nepal

In Nepal people are facing lot's of problem like scarcity of petroleum products from last few years along with scarcity of electricity. Almost whole country is facing load-shedding problem of 5 hours to 20 hours throughout year.

It has made life difficult for people. In such situation lots of electronics products have been introduced in Nepal to make life easy. One of the best place to get solution is to Faiz International which has been giving service to people since 2049 B.S (1993 A.D). It imports and supplies it's products in almost 80% of country mainly in 6 zones namely, Lumbini, Narayani, Bagmati, Gandaki, Rapti and Bheri.

Faiz International has also been importing Automobile products. It imports Tractors, Rotavators and Bikes and spare parts of same in Lumbini zone and supplies all over Nepal.

Faiz International has bought lots of Solution for people of Nepal:

Electronics products:

  • AHUJA Microphones (Wired and Wireless)
  • AHUJA Amplifiers
  • AHUJA Sound Box
  • 0.25 KVA (For T.V)
  • 0.5 KVA (For Refrigrators, Freeze)
  • 1 KVA (For Deep Freeze)
  • 2 KVA (For 1 Ton AC)
  • 3 KVA (For 1 Ton A.C)
  • 4 KVA (For 1.5 Ton AC)
  • 5 KVA ( For Main Line)
  • 10 KVA ( For Indrustrial Purpose)
Gree Air Conditioner
Solar Inverter System
Solar Panel
Hybrid Inverters
Starplus inverters and battries
Lords mixture grinder and iron
Woofers and trollery speakers

Automobile Products:

Standard Tractors
Suzuki Bikes
Kirloskar and Jadhao Rotavators
Kirloskar Mega-T Power Tiller (Hand Tractor)

You can contact using their contact page or contact numbers that are easily available on their website.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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