Register Free Personal or Business .NP Domain [.COM.NP]

Any citizen of Nepal can register a personal domain for their personal use and business domain for their organization or industry which are registered by Nepal Government for free. Free .NP domain is domain is maintained by Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. Before starting registration once you need to go through .NP domain registration Terms and Condition  and np-ccTLDS page.

Required documents for personal domain
  • Scanned copy of citizenship or passport or voter’s card or driving license.
Required documents for organization or company domain
  • Scanned copy of letter written on company’s letter pad with stamp and authorized officer signature.
  • Scanned copy of registration certificate issued by Office of the Company Registrar, Nepal.
  • Scanned copy to verify that annual tax of company is maintained.
Registering .NP domain
Note: First of all you will need to get a hosting to host your website. If you need hosting you can check our post Paid Hosting Websites to Start a Blog or Website and Free Hosting Websites to Start a Blog or Website.
  • Visit .NP domain registration official website.
  • Type your desired domain and choose,, which one you wish.
  • A box will appear below showing your desired domain is available or not available.
  • If domain is not available try different one, if available drag the box to basket on the top of left column.
  • Fill the login username, valid E-mail.
  • Click on register.
  • Now you will receive an E-mail with link to continue with registration process which can be used only once [ If you clicked the link and was unable to process further due to slow internet connection or any other reason you will need to start from the beginning].
  • Attach necessary documents, fill information of your address and at least two hosting nameserver eg.,, you can get these nameserver information on your hosting website
  • Submit the application.
  • Wait for E-mail from Hostmaster if your domain registration was accepted.
  • If the domain registration was rejected they will provide a reason in E-mail, Correct the problem and reapply for domain.
Note: Personal domain must your name or part of your name. If any extra character is added they are not accepting your domain registration. It may take upto 3 days to get your domain approved and activated.

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  1. How to regester business domain any snapshot of picture

    1. The process is same, you need to provide them correct documents and information and wait for 2-3 days.

  2. You have to attach your company registration form (i.e. Badijya,Gharelu etc..), Vat clearance document and write a letter asking to register desired domain in company's letter pad.

  3. I will be posting about this soon. Keep reading.

  4. The good guide to get free domain and we will strongly recommend.

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