Popular 404 Wordpress Plugins

404 Error is horrible for both website developer and visitors too. Visitors enter in your website with hope it will help and get a solution for them but when they see 404 Error they just go away. 404 Error is displayed because of broken link, deleted pages, URL is misspelled.

Here is a list of Plugin for WordPress which will help you to fix 404 errors by redirection, notifying you about 404 pages on your site or suggesting links form your site instead of page that doesn’t exists anymore.
If a visitor visits a broken link which has still not been fixed then this plugin helps you to display a list of similar links and helps visitors to find content they are looking for.

This Plugin detects and notifies you about all the 404 errors that might have creep on your site unknowingly. It helps you to know all the broken links which you can use to redirect broken links on suitable pages.
This plugin displays smart and customized 404 “Page Not Found” Error message. It automatically displays a list of links from relevant pages based on words in URL.
Google 404 Plugin is a way to display a search box on your 404 pages and it provide visitors useful information and help to find what they need. It suggests other way to find the information they need thus increase the chances of visitor to continue browsing your site.

When any page is not found this plugin will automatically redirect matching page on your site. It will also provide list of suggested posts on your blog.

Redirection Plugin
This Redirection Plugin is useful when you are moving your content to a new webpage or when you are changing your WP directory. It will capture error logs and redirects visitor to your redirections.

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