Adding Related Posts Widget to Bottom of Posts

Having Related Posts widget on your blog is one of the way to engage visitors to your blog and decrease bounce rate. It will show users the posts which you have posted previously and increase page views as we know the blogs having no related posts widget on their blog have very low page views. Their older posts or article's source of visitor may be only from search engines so it can be useful for any blogger to have related posts widget.

I have got one of easiest way to add related widget to your posts. I shows related posts at bottom of every posts.
  • First of all login to your blog account.
  • Now visit in new tab.
  • Fill details of your and blog’s.
  • Click on get widget.
  • On next page you will be redirected to your blogging website.
  • Select blog you want to add related post widget then click on add widget.
Like:  Email, URL/Link of your blog, Platform you are using for blogging and lastly how many posts you want to at bottom of your posts (choose depending on space you have below each post)

Now Related Posts widget has been added to your blog at left sidebar. Drag it and keep it at bottom of your posts. Location of widget won't effect it will always show related posts below every post.

Congratulation my friend!! Now you have related posts widget on your blog.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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