Solar Energy in Nepal - Alternative Power Source

Nepal has very high capacity to generate electricity but, unfortunately it has been facing problem of load-shedding for 5 to 20 hours per day throughout year. Being second richest country in inland water resources it has been unable to generate electricity due to lots of reasons. Estimated hydropower potential of Nepal is 83000 MW.

Due to lack of electricity people are trying for alternatives and solar solutions of electricity has been introduced all over the country. Using solar energy in our daily life is  not only alternative for hydropower and petroleum but also helps to preserve natural resources for future generation. Using solar energy helps to minimize pollution and it is cheap if used for longer period of time. In Nepal government promotes and launches awareness programs for citizens to use alternative energy.

Faiz International has been importing quality products of Inverter, Batteries, Stabilizers, Air Conditioners, Fans and Solar panels from India with guarantee and warranties from 1 year to 20 years in affordable prices since 1992. They have carried out some major projects of alternative energy at Lumbini Engineering College, Siddhartha Pharmaceuticals etc. in Lumbini zone.
Warranty and Guarantees are as below:
Air Conditioners
Solar Panels
2 years warranty
1 year warranty
3 years guarantee and 1 year warranty
2 years warranty
1 year warranty
20 years guarantee

You can contact Faiz International through their website's contact page or mobile numbers available on their website.

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