Manual & Automatic GPRS & MMS Settings for Ncell

Ncell is the fastest Internet provider in Nepal. Ncell is used by majority of mobile users to surf Internet using GPRS and to send Multimedia Messages (MMS). It provides automatic settings for GPRS and MMS to the users but sometime it may not configure exactly or some mobiles may not be supports by automatic settings. In such situation manual settings for are needed to configure it manually. Here I will be posting about configuring both automatic and manual settings for Ncell.

GPRS Settings for Ncell:

Requirements to use GPRS on your mobile device:
  • GPRS compatible handset
  • Activation of GPRS to mobile number
  • GPRS setting from the mobile company
Manual configuration for Ncell GPRS:
Account Name: Anything you want
APN/Access Point: web
IP Address/Proxy Address: (For Chinese Mobiles) or use:
Proxy Port: 9201 (for WAP/WAP1) & 8080 (for HHTP/WAP2)
Homepage: Any URL you want (ex.
Authentication type: Normal
Username: Leave blank
Password: Leave blank 
Leave other field as default by the mobile manufacturer.

Automatic configurations for Ncell GPRS/MMS:
To receive automatic settings type "All" without quotes in your message box and send it to 9595. All the settings will be sent on you mobile by SMS. All you got to do is save that setting and set as default. If necessary switch off and on the mobile after few minutes.

These settings are available for Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry and some other mobile phone.
If automatic settings are not available for your mobile or just in case automatic settings are not configured well in you mobile phone you can try manual settings to configure you mobile yourself.

MMS Settings for Ncell:
IP Address/ Proxy Address: (For Chinese Mobiles) or use:
Port: 9201 (for WAP/WAP1) & 8080 (for HHTP/WAP2)
MMSC server URL:


Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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