How To Become A Creative Person

Everyone wants to be creative nowadays. To be creative mean you should have some yours own attitude and passion. You should not copy from others and try to be your own whatever other people say about you. Sometime friends will say you have been outdated and all you just don't care about them and try everything your own way and be your own.

Writing Poetry:- You might think that you are not  poet, but that’s the real key, what you  need not to think. Just do it for  fun  and laugh,  it's as you go. And you are  going to love it!!!

Paint your Song:- Put on your favorite song and close your eyes and let images of imagination come in your mind, now draw it. Try writing song your own song about life, love and something else what you like. It’s awesome to do.

Create a blog: Just create it and and start writing about anything you like. It will increase your vocabulary and making nice sentences and it will be awesome to show to your friends.

Keep a Diary:- Get one diary and start writing poem about your life, song whatever you like, if you don't like to share with friend you can keep it secret.

Start Cooking:- Cooking for yourself is just awesome way to pampered yourself and be creative by experimenting. It help to learn you cooking as well as you get chance to care for your mother. Just do it and make your mom happy today. you can also start first cooking for yourself.

Reward Your Curiosity:- Do those things which you like may be playing cricket, volleyball, baseball, carom, chess, writing stories etc. It helps you doing your work with interest and increases your creativity simultaneously.

Build Confidence:- Whatever you do do with confidence and be sure you will get success. It's known as "Key Of Success".

Learn to Play an Instrument:- Start learning how to play instruments like Guitar, Flute, Piano etc..It's going to teach you  principles of meditation and your mind will be open to new ideas.

Learn a Foreign Language:- Try learning other languages from people who living around you or may be from your friends who study in your college from foreign countries, it will increase your  job opportunities, boost your confidence, prevent aging of brain,  boost your brain and gives you a secret language to write which no one ca understand.

Overcome Negative Attitudes:-Negative attitudes  Blocks your Creativity as it is has been proved that positive moods can increase your ability to think creatively so we should be away from negative thinking and negative attitude.

Meditate:- Meditation help to make your mind peace and creative. When you meditate you will  achieve  inner calm, it has all sorts of benefits like being having better ideas and being more creative. 

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