Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently or Temporarily

Facebook is most popular giant social networking across the globe. Everyday, lots of people create new Facebook account and there are some Facebook users who want to delete their Facebook account permanently. It is very easy to create Facebook account just by visiting Facebook homepage but removing your Facebook account permanently is hidden somewhere.

Lot's of people deactivate their Facebook account, when they want to leave Facebook and return back to Facebook when they want to use it again but you can even permanently delete Facebook account in such way that it can't be recovered. Steps to delete Facebook account is very easy.

Note: Backup your personal data before deleting your Facebook account if you think you will need it later.

Steps to temporarily delete Facebook account:
  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on "Security".
  • Click in edit on the right end of "Deactivate your account".
  • Click on "Deactivate your account" or click on this link
  • On next page you will be asked for reason for leaving Facebook. Select any option you are comfortable with and click on deactivate.
  • You will see a pop-up window for confirmation, click in "Deactivate Now".

That's all now your account has been deactivated until you will login back.

Steps to delete Facebook account permanently:
  • You will see a pop-up window asking for your password and captcha verification.
  • Enter your password and captcha verification correctly and click on OK.
  • You will see a message that your account has been deactivated and will be permanent deleted within 14 days and if you login back within 14 days you will get option to cancel your account deletion request.

Note: If you will not login within 14 days you account will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

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