Top Online News Portal Of Nepal - Based On Alexa Rank

Use of internet and sharing information online is rapidly increasing in Nepal. Internet helps sharing news around the county or world in faster way. With the increment of internet usage reading of news online on different website, websites publishing news are also increasing. Online news portal has also raised up in number.

These online news portals have made easier and faster for the citizens of Nepal living in country as well as people living outside country to be updated about the situation of country. Here is a list of most popular Nepali news portal websites which falls on top 50 websites in Nepal based on alexa rank September 2017.

  1. Ekanktipur
  2. Online Khabar
  3. Annapurna Post
  5. Rato Pati
  7. OS Nepal
  8. Bigul News
  9. Nagarik News
  10. Koshi Online
  11. DC Nepal
  12. Baahrakhari
  13. Recent Nepal
  14. Thaha Khabar
  15. Image Khabar
  16. etajakhabar
  17. DCNepal Online
  18. Seto Pati
  19. Karnali Khabar
  20. Nepal Pana
  21. Nepal Khabar
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