Dengue Fever - Types, Symptoms, Prevention & Control

  • Dengue is a serious  viral disease.
  • Transmitted  by bite of Aedes aegypti.
  1. Dengue Fever.
  2. Dengue hemorrhagic fever.
Dengue Fever
Dengue hamerrhagic fever
Flu like Illness
Sever, Bleeding and Shock may occur
Affects Children and Adults
Mostly affects children
Rarely causes death
Leads to death

The symptoms differs with patient health and age.
  • Symptoms in Infants and young children:
- High Fever
- Rashes ( As in measles)
  • Symptoms In Elder Children , Adult and Old age population:
  1. High Fever and Rashes.
  2. Symptoms resembling that of  mild diseases to severe diseases.

Characteristics of Dengue Fever:
  1. Abrupt of Sudden fever
  2. Pain (Muscular and joint, Behind eye paralyzing eye movement)
  3. Head ache (Frontal)
  4. Vomiting and Nausea
Characteristics of Dengue Hamerrhagic fever:
  • Similar to Dengue fever
  • Bleeding:
- From Nasal route
- From Oropharyngeal region
- During vomiting
  • Excessive thirst resulted from dry mouth
  • Severe abdominal Pain
  • Tearing 
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Pale, cold and clammy skin
  • Skin bruishing
  • Fainting
Victims of Dengue
  • Mainly Children
  • Tourist and Travelers
  • Adults in Endemic region
Facts about Aedes aegypti:

Time of Bite:
  • Early morning 
  • Late afternoon
  • Ditches
  • Dark and cold places
Stages of Life cycle:
Breeding Places:
  • Any place or container with stagnant water.
  • E.g. Drums,Barrels,Tank,Refrigerator,Tree cavities ,Ponds,etc.
Spread of Dengue:
Control of Spread:

Biological Method:
  • Guppies-Larvae eating fish
  • Bacterial Pesticides
Chemical Methods:
  • DDT spray
  • Larvicides such as Temephos
Physical Method:
  • Cover Pits
  • Cover septic tanks
  • Removal of articles that can store rain water
  • Use of Mosquito Net
  • Use of Mosquito Coils and aerosol spray
  • Use of Repellent
  • Use of glass screen in windows to prevent entry
What if Dengue is suspected?
  1. Visit Nearby Health post
  2. Consult to the Doctor
  3. For Better outcome, Consult your Pharmacist
  4. Don’t Panic, stay calm
  5. Adhere to Medications
Imdad Hushain Khan
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) 
University of the Punjab, Pakistan


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