WordPress VS Blogger - Determining Better Platform For You

Before starting a blog, it is necessary to determine that what you want to do with your blog. Based on your requirements you will be able to decide weather Blogger id better for you or WordPress. It is time consuming and requires lots of efforts to start and make your blog visible on the web.
Blogger and WordPress are two major platform for blogging. Both of them have some pros and cons. They both offer free templates or themes to start blog with.


Blogger was created by Pyra Labs in 1999 as first user friendly interface for blogger. It is currently owned by Google which gives lots of benefits. Blogger has built-in features like Google Adsense, Google Analytics and Google Adwords. You can apply for Google Adsense easily using Blogger's Blog and set up Google Analytics easily from settings.

It is free platform for blogging, having step to step instructions which makes it user friendly. It is easy to setup and requires almost no knowledge of coding. It is best platform for beginners. It has very high up-time. This platform is down for no-time. It offers user friendly URLS, with SEO tools built in. If you own a domain and want it to get on the web with no hosting expenses get it redirected to blogger and set it up on blogger to get maximum up-time for your blog.

WordPress is a self-hosted blogging platform. You will need to get a domain and a hosting to set up WordPress blog. It runs on MySQL & PHP. It gives more control to uses on their blog. It also has user friendly interface to post and manage blog after you have setup it on your hosting server.

It is for advanced blogging for advanced users and  requires some coding and knowledge of internet and blogging before you start your blog. It has giant number of plugins which can do lots of magic on your blog. You can setup Adsense and other advertising network using plugins and codes provided by them. It offer more user friendliness URL.

Determining Blogging Platform:

Primary thing that decides your blogging platform is your budget and secondly, your knowledge.
  • If you have low budget or no budget at all with limited blogging knowledge you need to go for Blogger as it is free and user friendly.
  • If you have enough budget you can go for WordPress but it will also require some knowledge of coding and concept of blogging. So you can try Blogger for few months to learn and them migrate your blog to WordPress.
  • If you have enough budget and knowledge as well as concept of blogging you can go for WordPress.

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