Alternative Apps For Facebook & Messenger

Facebook has separate apps for News feed and messenger. There are some apps which can let you you browse Facebook news feed as well as send messages from same app. Here, I am listing apps that can let you to browse news feed as well as chat with your friends.

Facebook Lite:
This is in our first list as it is official lite version of Facebook with messages built in for 2G and slow networks. It is developed by Facebook itself and has very less size with fast speed. It uses very less data and faster then any other apps for Facebook.

Fastest Facebook:
This is web version of Facebook in app with no JavaScript. This app opens directly Facebook login home page. In this app you can see news feed, notifications and send messages from same app. It can be used in 2G notworks without any disturbances.

Faster For Facebook Lite:
This is also web version of Facebook with built in app. This app open Facebook login page when you open it, and after you enter you username and password it will open advanced web page with JavaScript. You can browse news feed, see notifications and read or send messages with same app.

Fast Lite - Social App:
This app also similar to other apps, opens web version of Facebook App with news feeds, notofocatons, pages, groups and messages. It also includes Twitter built in you can browse Facebook as well as your twitter account at a time with this app.

Mini For Facebook & Messenger - Mini FB:
This too is web version of Facebook and Messenger app. IT includes news feed, notifications and messages along with video downloader. With this app you can videos from Facebook directly to your smartphone.

Mini For Fb Lite - Face Lite:
This is web version of Facebook with JavaScript. It is simple app to use with no other extra function included.

Mini For FBook - Lite Messenger:
This is also web version of Facebook and messenger built in one app as browser. It is similar to other apps with few more options to browse.

  • The reason we have not included Facebook's Lite messenger is that we have listed only apps with news feed as well as messenger included in same app.
  • Above mentioned app may develop with time and developers.
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