Simple Exercises You Can Do At Your Workplace

Most of us lead busy lifestyles and it often leaves us with little time to take care of our bodies. We spend most of our waking days at our workplace, and when we do get home, we want nothing more than to rest and relax. For those who want to stay in shape but are not yet ready to join a gym in Makati or other cities, here are 4 simple exercises you can do at your workplace in the meantime.

  • Walking
Simple and easy to do, walking might just be the perfect exercise for you at your workplace. Walking everywhere to your destination, no matter the distance, is a good idea in general. You can start small and walk around your office every once in a while, and then gradually increase your pace by parking further from your building, or walking to a nearby restaurant instead of having it delivered. Walking is an easy exercise that anyone can do at almost any time. It can be made more challenging depending on the pace you choose.

  • Stretching
You probably do this exercise already every time your body aches after sitting in one place for too long. Stretching can do wonders to the body because it will prevent your back and your spine from being compressed. Doing some light stretching every 30 minutes can make a significant difference to your health. An easy stretching exercise to start with is to stand up and roll your shoulders forward, outstretch your arms and stand on your toes. Slowly lower your arms as you gently breathe out, lowering your tiptoes as you assume a standing position once again. Continue lowering your body by bending at the hip region, reaching as far as you can. Slowly stand up while breathing in and repeat two to three times, or as many times as necessary.

  • Chair Dips
Dips are a great way to work out your back and triceps, and the best thing about them is that they can be done almost anywhere. The chair you are probably sitting on now is perfect for this exercise, as long as it doesn’t roll around. Start by assuming the typical sitting position, With, your back straight and your hands shoulder-width apart, grip the base of the chair. Firmly plant your heels on the ground, carefully slide your butt off the seat and slowly lower yourself by bending your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Straighten your arms back while keeping your elbows bent to provide tension on your triceps, and repeat the motion for five to 10 reps.

  • Core exercises
Your core provides a stable base to work other exercises; and contrary to belief, your core and your abs are not the same thing. Work your core muscles by doing planks on your desk. Place your forearms on the surface of your desk and carefully walk your feet backwards, putting your body in a diagonal position. Stand on your toes, straighten your arms, and hold this position for up to 30 seconds. Repeat for up to four times, resting in between.

  • Key Takeaway
You should not be limited by your location when it comes to exercising. Keeping your body healthy despite being busy is hard, but not impossible. When you can’t make the commitment to join a gym in Makati or any gym near you, doing these simple exercises might just be what you need.

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