Treatment Of Pain With Essential Oils

There are people who use essential oils to treat different types of pain, but are they really effective?

Pain is a subjective sensation that we have when certain stimuli make contact with us. For example, when an object that is too cold, hot or sharp contacts us. Our epithelial cells send a message to pain nocioreceptors that capture it and in turn carry a message to our spinal cord, with the aim of triggering a rapid action that allows us to move away from the source of pain. For example, if we put our hand on the fire, our skin will capture the heat and send a message to the nocioreceptores warning of the danger. After the message arrives at the central nervous system (in this case the spinal cord), we will perform a reflex act and move the hand away. We can also feel inner pain when we are sick. The body warns us that we are not well, that it is a harmful situation and that we are in danger.

Pain is a subjective sensation that we have when certain stimuli make contact with us. Throughout the centuries we have been adapting to reduce the pain that is inevitable thanks to advances in pharmacology, although sometimes with less positive consequences. Currently in the field of medicine there are 4 methods to alleviate suffering:
  • Mild pain: When it is temporary, a product of muscle pain or fever, anti-inflammatories and analgesics are used, such as aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, etc.
  • Moderate pain: Some types of drugs are used but altered so that they are not as strong, if not more secure. For example, codeine in hospitals.
  • Strong pains: Drugs such as morphine or fentanyl. Years ago they were reserved for cancer patients to cope with the pain of treatment although lately it has become widespread.
  • Extreme pains: Finally, the strongest drugs for the latter group are reserved for intravenous or medullary opioids.
This repertoire is useful when we talk about short-term pain, that is, it does not last too long, however, given the amount of side effects they have, the remedy could be worse than the disease (when we talk about chronic pathologies, of course). For example, many people start taking muscle relaxants and end up developing a dependence on them over time. In the United States and much of Europe this is almost usual.

Can essential oils be a good alternative?

Given the above problems have begun to market a special type of oils with the aim of symptomically reduce pain without having to suffer the frightening side effects. But what are they exactly? Essential oils are concentrated and chemotyped extracts that produce a fast and powerful analgesic effect, depending on the type of oil and area. As they are natural, they are not as harmful to health as drugs. They have a specific system of action that makes them more effective for certain types of pain in different areas. That is, we will use one or the other depending on the pain we have.

On the other hand, being natural we can make them compatible with medical treatment without any problem, unless our doctor tells us otherwise. We can even reduce the dose because the essential oil itself is analgesic. Its administration will be via topical, that is, the area is massaged by spreading oil through the skin. By avoiding taking them orally many of the side effects of traditional painkillers disappear: goodbye to the excessive work that the liver does to eliminate toxins, goodbye to stomach discomfort and goodbye to rises in tension.

What essential oils are suitable for muscle aches?

Yes, they are very appropriate and recommended when the pain is chronic and you do not want to abuse the drugs. You just have to ask your doctor the most appropriate for your case since there may be contraindications for some people, for example in pregnant women.

The administration is simple and practically the same in all. After getting the essential oils you only have to dilute 3 drops in a more diluted vegetable oil, called carrier oil, for example in almond oil, or in your usual ointment. This will allow not to come into direct contact with your skin since being quite concentrated could irritate you (and more if your skin is sensitive), it also allows you to distribute it easily throughout the affected area. The effects will be almost immediate and you can give yourself these massages 3 or 4 times a day, although depending√° of the intensity of the symptoms and how your body reacts.

Oil of wintergreen. It is one of the famous because its effect is similar to that of traditional anti-inflammatories, usually used for tendonitis and bursitis. It is powerful and works well, however pregnant women should not use it, nor children under 6 years.

Field mint. This oil is also used for the pain of joints, muscles and tendons, although it also alleviates other pains such as headaches or toothache. If you apply it, it is better that you always do it in areas that are not very wide because if we do it in large areas we could feel hypothermia.

Blue eucalyptus. There are several types but this is the best for pains in joints and for other pathologies such as tennis elbow. As always, you must dilute it previously in a vegetable oil.

Katafray. Apart from being anti-inflammatory and analgesic, it is also a tension-relieving if it is mixed with a carrier oil such as St. John's wort, that is why it is one of the most potent essential oils. Again its use is not recommended in pregnant women.

Romero camphor. Finally, this oil is used especially for cervical pain and torticollis, but you can take advantage of it if you have suffered a sprain or sprain.J

Juniper oil. It has antispasmodic properties, therefore it helps to avoid muscle spasms, relieving the pain in the nerves.

Everlasting oil. Perhaps the most powerful of all (and one of the most expensive) because it is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and analgesic. That yes, the effect is almost immediate. Do not forget to dilute it with a carrier oil or in your ointment.

What if I'm not a fan of massages?

If you do not reach the painful area (back, neck, neck ...) and you do not have someone who can apply it, you can benefit equally from them. Another way is by giving yourself an aromatic bath. To do this, dilute 3 or 4 drops in the water and immerse yourself in it.

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