5 Google Marketing Tools Everyone Should Follow

In today’s fast and advanced world every businessman wants a nice rank in Google Search Engine because it is leading all the search engine portals. It has become way more superior than all the other competitors.

All the Digital Marketing Services have their own tactics to get a higher rank in Google but, do you know that Google also has some marketing tools that can effectively help your business grow, If no then this article is for you.

Google Webmaster Tools

Running an online website is easy but, having a track record of the website traffic isn’t. Wrong eCommerce PPC tactics can ruin all your marketing efforts. If you are not able to understand why and where your website traffic is getting lost and what are the more productive pages of your website.

Then Google webmaster tool is for you, it will help you to check the indexing status of your website and that is not the only benefit you will get with this, it will also optimize the visibility of your website.

G Suite: Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms

Google launched G suite a long back for everyone. G suite is a whole suite of great applications that help you organize your employees and achieve your business goals. It can also be accessed across all the different devices with a quick download of a mobile app.

G suite includes several applications such as Google Docs for Word documents, Google Sheets for Excel spreadsheets, Google Slides for PowerPoint presentations, Google Forms for collecting simple survey responses easily. These applications automatically save your data and save you from losing it.

Google AdWords

Now you can stay connected with your ad campaigns from anywhere with Google AdWords. While making your ads run smoothly, It helps you easily check the performance of your ads. Apart from the Google Adwords, you can use automation tools to skyrocket your Content Marketing Efforts.

All the Digital Marketing Agencies advise their customers to use Google Adwords to target the larger audience. It also helps you with the most relevant and trending keywords in the market. It allows you to check out different keyword variations using PPC and quickly figures out which keyword will send you quality traffic.

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